Dear Ones,

When you first notice that things are not as you wish them to be in your own life, you have a choice – an opportunity. You can continue on as you have been and live the life you have already been living. Or, you can choose a new route – one that feels more like who you really are.

We mention this today because we see so many of you living a life that has been carved out by someone else. You have a long history there of passing on thoughts and ideas to younger generations. And while this is a great practice for avoiding catastrophes such as walking off of a cliff, it is not very helpful for choosing your own path.

Your personal path is only found from within. When you look at the topics and activities and ideas that interest you most, that is where your path can be found. So many ask what their purpose is for this life. We would say your purpose is to live the life that makes you feel the most joyful. 

We have spoken many times about setting an energetic blueprint for others to follow. There is currently an energetic blueprint within some areas of the planet where guilt and fear are very prevalent. It is time for you all to break free of that old energy by creating a new one – one built by following your joy and the most expanded self you can currently access. 

When you build on that feeling, you are building an energetic blueprint that replaces the old one that does not serve you anymore. The old blueprint was useful for learning but is no longer needed. You have evolved beyond it.

And so, to serve yourself, your planet, and people at this time, find your greatest loves. Those ways of acting and being that take you to the state that is your highest, best feeling one. In this way, you feel better and you lift others up with the energetic pattern you create in doing so.

We think you will all enjoy this.

And we thank you.


As I was getting this post ready for my website I remembered that I had some activations for strengthening your energetic blueprint. I’m adding them here in case any of them speak to you for making your own divine blueprint more accessible within yourself. ????