Bonus channeling today! I felt the need for some guidance for myself. I figured if it benefits me, it might benefit others as well, so I’m sharing.

Much Love,

Amanda Kate


Dear One,

We wish to speak to you today about self-love. We know that this is a concept you understand, but we wish to help you integrate it in times of stress, busyness, and overwhelm.

When you have a life there on Earth, you are encircled by certain energetic factors that prevent you from “figuring it all out” instantly. You understand that this is necessary in order to learn and expand and therefore help others learn and expand.

hands making heart symbolizing the need to let our emotions throughWe can also see that, although you are aware of all of these truths, you still also contain within your personality self that which is not in alignment with the real you. We mean that you still hold learned beliefs that you “should” be or act or feel a certain way in a given situation.

This is yet another loving reminder that you are so much bigger than your physicality can contain. You are so much more pure and “perfect” than you can even imagine while you are there. And yet, you did decide to embody there and go through the process of discovering this through feeling emotions.

Knowing something and embodying that something are not the same. You have a great deal of knowledge (and a great deal of embodying). However, you are in the process, yet again, of embodying still more.

We also understand how overwhelming that feels to you at times because we can feel what you feel. That is the nature of a being at this “level”.

So, know that you are loved and held in the highest regard. Know that it is okay to feel emotions that are not “perfect” or “right” based on your learning there. And know that you will get through this time period and arrive on the other side with a much more embodied awareness in which to share with the collective and The All.

As always, we are here in service to you.

And we thank you.

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