Personal Channeling June 18, 2018

I removed names for privacy reasons, so ***** is not me cursing, it’s names that have been removed.  lol

What is my mission – or what are my missions right now and have they changed at all from what I came here to do?

Your mission is to work with others to strengthen the grid of light – to hold the light. And therefore you must not think anything is required of you but live from your heart – focus on the heart. Rid yourself of programmings of anger and hostility and anxiousness. Trust. Focus on the heart.

What others am I supposed to work with?

All others are self. You work with those who come into your experience. For they are drawn to you for a common purpose. There is no need to worry that you will miss opportunities. You are on the track of what you are meant to be doing – you are doing what you planned to do without even trying. Trust the divine plan, for you helped create it. And you are living it. You cannot not live it. You can live it in different, alternate ways, but you will still live it no matter what.

Can you talk about Event portals and timelines and energies and gateways and bridges and – I don’t understand any of it? And what was the light bridge thing that I saw from the 21st/22nd through the 26th/27th? What is that about? Why was I seeing like a strip of light on the calendar days across those days?

It is your time to integrate the light on those particular days. It fluctuates, but that is the approximate timing. There are many lightbringer days for you. We do not always show you them. The significance of these days is to allow you to integrate more light, more purity of the heart, more understanding. A great deal of you will experience similar at this time. It is not important what sort of mechanism is behind this or what sort of mindset is behind this. As we said, people will resonate with what feels right for them. We might suggest that you just record for yourself when you have thoughts – without planning to share. Just pick up your phone and record your thoughts so that you can write things down later if you wish. This will help you integrate.

What are these light codes and translations people are doing? What is the significance of that? Is that important?

It is important to those who need them. It is like looking at art. When you see a piece of art you like, it is for subconscious reasons based on your experience in this life and other lives and it creates a feeling. And so just as you would look at a beautiful painting and have a feeling of appreciation or happiness, there are some who read light codes and have a subconscious triggering of a certain feeling or a certain state. Again, we would advise to not think too hard and have fun. Go with what you’re interested in. Everything in the divine plan has a purpose and an intertwining and the divine tapestry is already in place. You are just experiencing threads in different times. It is all good.

When I was doing ****s reading I saw this intersecting line on his timeline and then when I read the one from October last year I remember seeing a line that intersected where everything would change after it. Just like that, but this one is a lot closer and I couldn’t see anything after it. But I got the sense that it was a big change. How does that work? What is that?

It is for your education and your expansion.

Is it a personal event or is it a global event?

It is a personal global event. [laughing]  It is The Event – when everything shifts.

So, I have a question. If there are people like **** who don’t believe in any of this and don’t think about stuff like this and they’re into the present and preparing and making sure they’re safe – when this event happens, will they rationalize it away, or will they start waking up just like we did years ago and it’ll just be this long process of everybody else waking up? Or is it going to be more dramatic? Or something different?

Something different. It will be as if you are all different people. Different beings. Similar bodies, same memories, but with a completely different understanding of everything.

And that’s The Event I’m seeing crossing *****s timeline?


How will that effect *****?

He, along with everyone, will be, as you say, “blown away”.

What about my children?

They will feel relieved because there is a way they think the world was supposed to be, and when this blockage is removed, they will breathe a sigh of relief and say “oooooh, okay. Whew”. It will be as if there has been a vice around your brain – closing and tightening your whole life – and that vice will be removed. And you will feel mentally lighter. Even those who are not awake will understand. It will be an “ah ha” or “ahhhh, I get it now” moment for everyone. Everyone, everywhere. No matter what culture, country, language, economic situation. You will all just “get it”.

And that’s right here? Like really close?

At this time it seems likely. A few weeks to a few months.

No offence, but it’s been “a few weeks to a few months” for what seems like years now.

Yes, but your shift in your consciousness and your own perceptions and your own ability to live from the heart and expand your mind bring it closer. The more you do this, the closer it gets. There are some dates that are more optimal – more likely than others. It could be July/August, it could be October, could be December. It all depends on you which timeline comes into being.


[Okay, y’all! Let’s aim for the July/August one!!!!]


Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash