Do you know who you REALLY are? Do you know what your purpose is? Learn about finding the path to your true being.


Dear Ones,

We will tell you this: It is not necessary to beguile you with stories of your glorious nature. It is an indisputable fact. We are here to help you to remember it and to give you the tools you need to create a practice of being that which you really are.

When you are born into an incarnation there on Earth, you no longer “play by the rules” of your true self. You must participate in this experience. However, you were meant to evolve beyond that.

If you have come across this information it is because it is time now for you to evolve. It is time for you to become more of who you really are – and that includes some ways of being which will feel foreign to you at first.

One of these ways of being is to start tapping into your connection with us and The All. It is there that you receive the “instructions” for your “mission”. It is there where you find the path and the breadcrumbs for that which you have planned to do and be there at this time.

And so, in order to do this – in order to become your true self while embodied there on Earth, find the breadcrumbs and connect as best you can to the “higher consciousnesses”. If you have difficulting figuring out how to do this, simply imagine you are connecting to a frequency as high as is possible for you at this time. You will gradually gain more and more access as your time passes. And you will receive more and more information from the collective consciousness of All That Is and has ever been.

This is how you find your path and your purpose. It does not include looking around at things happening in the physical. It is about looking within for that connection to all that is really happening – far beyond your Earth there. And far beyond anything that you consider physical reality.

We think this will greatly aid you in beginning your path to your true being.

As always we are here in support of you.

And we thank you.


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