Remember that time you worked for a newspaper office as a secretary? In the 1920’s? Well I do. Or I did, during a past life regression.

Amanda ShertzerThe funny thing is, a few years prior to the regression, I went to a formal event dressed in a modern equivalent of 1920’s dress. I even had the hair and jewelry and didn’t even realize it.

The boxy style of the flapper era was my choice – although there were many prom type formals and even little black dresses all over the place. That would have been the logical choice. But no, I went for a boat-neck silver top and straight skirt.

Have you ever been drawn to the fashion of a certain time period? Or have you ever looked back at old pictures of yourself and thought something like “Oh, I always liked the Victorian influence in dresses” (narrow waist that comes to a point, puffy sleeves, etc.)? Do you have a Pinterest board full of dresses or shoes from a certain decade?

Woman in flapper costumeI have a board called Historic Clothing Love that is FULL of House of Worth designs. That spans both the Victorian and Flapper eras (and I have lives in both). What I wouldn’t give for a House of Worth today! One that I could afford anyway. Heh.

What do you gravitate toward? Are you on trend with those choices, or do you feel like you’re pulling from another era altogether? I feel like the steampunk trend is all about people with Victorian past lives. I do love the steampunk!

So go check out those old photos and have a think about your likes as far as fashion goes. Betcha you’ll find a pattern that might just point you in the direction of a past life.

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