Do you have a fear of something and you don’t know where it came from? Think a past life might hold the clues? Can a past life trauma carry over into this life? Yes and No.

Many people – past life regressionists included – believe that a trauma from a past life can carry over into this one. For example, you got shot in the Civil War in a past life and in this life you have a fear of guns. Is it because you never cleared it out once you crossed over? Was it so damaging to your soul that it clung to you and you brought it into this life? Maybe. Anything is possible, but I don’t think so.

Bring It

Big Ben LondonI believe that we bring in memories – even subconscious ones – that we think will be useful for whatever themes we want to explore in our lives this time around. Since I was a little girl I’ve been drawn to England and wanted to travel there. I can’t tell you how many connections I’ve made and how many life choices have been due to my fascination with England.

But did I have a past life in England? Yes. Yes I did. And trauma? Yes. Trauma too. During my past life regression, when I saw myself in Victorian England, I cried so hard I gave myself a headache. But I don’t believe it’s because I never cleared that trauma from the past. I believe I just have access to it. My connection to England exists for some other reason that my higher self only knows. I can guess though, that it was to steer me in certain directions. It probably worked.  🙂


So what about those of us who have some odd phobia? Did we bring that on purpose?! Maybe in a wee little percentage of us, yes, it’s possible (if we have something we want to achieve and the phobia will help us with that goal). More likely is that something happened when we were toddlers that we don’t consciously remember, but that frightened us enough to trigger a phobia. For those of us who can’t find any trigger in this life, a past life can be the source. However, I think rather than a phobia being carried over into this life without our control, maybe we just have access to more now. Maybe the strong memories are the ones that are easiest for us to access at first. Doesn’t have to be bad though. My draw to England wasn’t due to the trauma, but to the love from that life.

The Veil

the veil may hold clues to past life trauma the earth from space

One of the most common questions I get from people about reincarnation is: If we have other lives, why don’t we remember them? Answer? We don’t wanna. Seriously. We’re here to play and experience and we can’t do that if we remember every other life we’ve had. Here is an example why. Oh, and here is another one.

I don’t know about you, but I wonder if “the veil” that keeps us from remembering who we really are and who all we have been (and will ever be) is starting to thin out a bit. Maybe we are allowing ourselves to remember more. Maybe as we finally realize we have done it all and seen it all (and been it all), we’ll be able to access all of it as easily as we access memories of our 10th birthdays. Or maybe as we develop more compassion for others as a result of our own experiences, we will be able to access more and more. Are compassion and empathy causing the veil to dissolve? That would be cool.

Past Life Trauma – Yes or No?

So do we bring in trauma from other lives because it was never cleared between one life and another? I doubt it. From all of the work I’ve done and all of the work I have read from other regressionists and between life/after life specialists it doesn’t seem like we’re that sloppy. Everything seems to have a purpose. That is not to say everything is pre-determined, but we do seem to know what we’re doing before we jump into another life.

Why do you think you came with the gifts and/or interests that you did? Has it steered your life in any certain directions?

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