Recently I had an amazing session with Christi Daniels ( – can’t recommend highly enough, so go check her site out) and discovered I have an issue with responsibility regarding managing large sums of money. Who knew that could even be a problem? Why on Earth would I think having lots of money to be a burden? Well, I set out to do a past life regression to find out.

I have to say, after doing so many regressions on myself, and lots of meditation work, I had some scenes popping into my head already.  I dismissed them in order to keep an open mind about what I might see. Here’s what happened:


The first scene unfolds in the late 1700’s. I’m about age three, male, sitting on the floor in a room with my grandparents. They are discussing my father and how they think they should tell him about me. I get the feeling I’m the illegitimate son of a wealthy person. I also hear them talking about how getting rid of me would be “one less mouth to feed” and how it also might benefit them since they might be able to leverage the connection to get more money. I felt really sad for that little boy.

I then move forward in time to about age 14. I’m with my wealthy father who has apparently acknowledged me and is happy about it (since he didn’t have another son). He is teaching me how to hunt and take care of the guns. I seem happy. We’re well dressed and I think I have those shoes with the big buckles on them.

1790's man portrait

(c) Dulwich Picture Gallery

Moving forward again, I’m now about 18 or 19. I believe the year is 1791 and that I’m in England… again. Apparently my father has died and left me in charge of the estate, as well as the care of his mother (my grandmother), and my half sister. My grandmother really does not like me. She harrasses me and tries to belittle me. My sister just stays clear of me. I feel like I don’t see her much. I get married to a short, plump, dark haired girl who is easily influenced by my grandmother, and who harrasses me a bit as well. I’m not terribly happy, but I run the estate well and I don’t let my irritation with my grandmother or anyone stop me from giving them whatever money they want.

In the next scene, I’m in my 30’s. I have a new wife and I’m really, really happy for the first time in my life. Not sure what happened to my other wife, or whether I had any children with her.

I jump again in time to around age 40 on the day a daughter is born. My wife and I are still very happy. I’m not sure how many children we have. When I first arrived at this scene, my logical brain said “Good heavens! How many children do I have?!” It felt like a lot. Maybe 10 altogether.

Moving forward yet again to the moment of my death. I think I’m only 47 ish (a little scary because I’m currently 47). I’m lying in a grassy area. It seems I was sick from some virus, but I went out on my usual survey of the estate anyway. I guess I was too weak and I passed out. It looks like I had a seizure and then passed away.

What I Learned

Couple eloping by boatI learned that it irritated me to have to give money to people who were so hateful to me, and who treated me badly (but I did it anyway and didn’t hold it over them). I was irritated that I couldn’t do more for my mother. I could give her money, but I couldn’t bring her to live at the estate with me and my family.

I realized that I was really good at taking care of a large estate, and that it wasn’t very stressful for me because I had access to the money to make repairs or improvements. In my current life, I have lots of ideas on how to run an estate – but no estate, and no access to large amounts of funds or staff to implement things. Darn it!

Looking at his life from this life’s perspective, I can see his cultural constraints and wonder what my current cultural constraints are, if any. I’m sure there are levels of meaning I will be pondering about all of this for years to come.

I also learned that it’s weirding me out to have so many past life regressions in a row where I’m male, so I’m going to have to go find a whopping good female life next!