Dear Ones,

This next month will bring you many opportunities to practice what it is you want to happen in your lives. We mean that you will be given time to participate in things like helping your communities, taking time to reset your minds and bodies by meditating every day, giving to causes that mean so much to you and your world, and more. Whatever it is you wish to see, you will be given opportunities to participate in the creation of such.

Now, when you hear things such as this, as “doers” there, you will want to rush out and look for those things. That is of course fine to do. However, it is not at all necessary. The things will show up right in front of you. You only need to allow yourselves to see them.

We will also tell you one way to aid the collective at this time. That is to take a few moments every day – even just one – and let your mind stop thinking. Just allow yourself the luxury of not having to plan, worry, or process for a minute or two. The impact of this on your individual lives is great. And if you were to all do it, and then expand on it, the change would be exponential in ways you cannot imagine.

And so, we hope you enjoy the next month of opportunities to be of service. And we hope you will take the opportunity to be of service to yourselves as well by allowing yourselves a moment’s peace in your own minds. If you do, your December will be quite lovely.

We think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.


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