Dear Ones,

Today we have a message that is of the utmost importance to those of you who are reaching and striving for that which you believe is your calling. We would tell you that there is no reaching or striving that needs to be done. This is because you were put in this life, in this particular incarnation, in a very precise way – arranged so that everything will unfold as it needs to unfold.

We understand that as humans you want to put effort into what you do. You believe this is important and necessary or you will not achieve what you came here to achieve. It is not so. Your existence here is enough. When you hold the light within yourself and make your choices based on that unconditional love, there is no way you can veer from the path that you and others have decided upon for this life.

And so, we wish for you to begin to structure your lives around the love you feel for others, the love you feel for animals, for the Earth, for the plants, and for a beautiful heart-centered way of life and let everything else fall by the wayside.

When you live from the heart, everything will be given to you as you need it. If you could release a little more of that fear that you hold that something won’t be provided when you need it – when you release a little more of that every day – you will eventually come to the place where you live the most optimally as a human.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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