Dear Ones,

We are here to let you know about a tool you can use in your everyday lives. This tool can be used at any time or place. All it requires is a moment of attention. Even the smallest moment will do.

When you are out in the world going about your days, there are many thoughts to occupy your minds. This often takes a great deal of time away from what would actually benefit you and humanity the most. And so we share with you this small habit, or change, you can make in order to help you maintain your state of flow – your natural “higher self” state.

That is the breath. We know we make it sound simple and that it takes a bit of effort there. However, if you take a moment, whenever it comes to mind throughout your day, and simply take a long, slow, deep breath, you will find great benefit in the practice.

Now, there is a physiological impact it has on the body. You are reducing the constant stress your body is undergoing throughout the day. And it also relaxes your mind so that your thoughts are clearer and more centered. In addition, your cells will be getting the oxygen they need in order to complete the complex processes required of them.

In addition, this practice has an effect on your energy field in multiple ways. When you set the intention of doing this for yourself, your field changes instantly. And so, the energy consciousness that you are, works along with your body to create a peaceful environment for your physical vessel.

We recommend that you try this practice. Simply remember to breathe many times throughout your day. The benefits are many and allow the correct state for receiving new incoming energies as well as allowing for knowledge to be shared between lightworkers there on the planet. You benefit not only yourselves but the collective and the planet as well.

We hope this information helps you.

And we thank you.

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