Hello Beautiful Souls!

This week’s message reminds me of a couple of things on my mind right now. One is the supposed “banking collapse”. I know we are all ready for new systems, but one or two banks don’t make a collapse. I’m not sure if everyone realizes this, but in the U.S. when you open a bank account, it’s “FDIC Insured” which means your money is protected up to a certain amount – and the amount is pretty big: $250,000.00.

Dalgubul Lantern Festival in Daegu - South KoreaThe other thing on my mind is how interested we are all becoming in learning about cultures in parts of the world that are far away (thanks Netflix). I realized I have friends in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, and India. But I am really interested in South Korea right now and unfortunately, the number of South Koreans in my state is like .001% of the total population. I’ve also watched several shows made in Turkey, so that’s interesting to me as well. But I think Korea is different enough from the US that the anthropologist in me wants to learn all about it.

So, this message makes me feel like the next logical step in our lightworker journey is to dispel the fear and learn more about those cultures that are the most different from ours. After all, how will we get along with aliens if we can’t even understand and get along with everyone on this one planet?

Much Love,

Amanda Kate

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Dear Ones,

As you are the leading edge of the transition into the New Earth, as you call it, we wish to speak to you about what would be most optimal to focus on today.

As you know, this world is in a somewhat chaotic state. Cultural dynamics that have been in place for hundreds or thousands of years are being dismantled. This is in part due to the internet, and the availability and ease of international travel and living. As you all learn more about the other aspects of yourselves, you become more understanding.

Yet there are still parts of the world that have not been exposed to the friendly and abundant natures of others in parts of the world they are not yet familiar with. In these cases, there is still much fear to be overcome. Of course, it is only a matter of time. However, we can offer some suggestions on what you can do today to make a clearer path for the unfoldment of the oneness that is to come.

You are creating new ways of being. You know that you do this with your thoughts and emotions. We suggest spending time in quiet moments to focus on the understanding and acceptance of new ways of being. We do not suggest you forget the cultural nuances that make certain places unique. We simply suggest that you imagine a world where cultural differences are acknowledged, and also understood. With this understanding comes dialog in which two beings, or a group of beings, can discuss how to coexist while honoring the “other”.

We also do not suggest that you honor those who are harming out of fear. This is a different topic. What we mean is simple differences in ways of behaving and being. To someone not from a certain culture, they may seem odd. This is why it is important to get to know the “other” and find out how these ways of being unfolded to become what they are today. Only then can you work together to create new systems that serve all.

We would say the biggest obstacle to understanding other cultures and ways of being is fear. It is when people believe their own sense of safety is being threatened that they refuse to meet or understand those of other cultures. It is your part as a lightworker to soothe these fears and to denounce the creation or stoking of these fears.

Fear is separation. Understanding is oneness. When you create understanding within yourself, you release your own fear and can better help the people of Earth on their path to becoming a divine collective.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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