Dear Ones,

Today’s message comes at a time when you are on the precipice between what you have known and what you have strived for. “Soon” you will realize the fruits of your labor so to speak. You will embody the energies of non-duality more fully. This will allow you so much freedom in your choices moving forward.

For so long you have dabbled in this polarity to see how much you could learn. All have chosen to move into a different mode of learning, and so now is the transition time. You are transitioning from a learning that has taken place in a dualistic world to moving into a space of positive polarity and learning through embodying positive polarity.

The things you will learn are: how to manifest and create from thought, how to find a balance between beings in regards to the wishes of both parties or more than two parties. You will learn how to create new ways of living and new ways of working and working together. You will learn how to exist as it benefits the whole and the planet instead of the micro or individual or small group. 

All of these things are coming into being right now as you hear or read these words. There is no more “fight” needed to achieve anything. You are embodied light and source. You are embodied source consciousness. And that you know this is the solution to so many of the perceived problems you have been having there for so long.

Now comes the fun part.

And we thank you.