If you’re like me, you’ve spent a whole lot of your life living in fear. Whole religions have fear as a basis: Don’t do this or else! So many other systems are based on fear too. Our behaviors are even shaped at a young age because of the fear of not being loved. It’s too much!

man relaxing in treeEver since my future life progression, in which I saw a society that had removed so much of that fear, I have been dismissing many of the fears that have been with me as long as I can remember. For example, they didn’t have illness. Boom! No worry about loved ones dying, no worry about getting cancer, etc. They also didn’t have crime. Not sure what all the mechanisms were that removed all that, but they had it sorted! So then – no worry about locking your doors, or anyone stealing anything, or attacking anyone. Nothing like that either.

Taking away crime and illness removed a lot of fears. But they also had a different attitude toward work. Everyone did what they loved. Everyone’s gifts were supported to the advantage of the whole. It was as if everyone was born with a gift that was a piece of the puzzle that made everything work together. And none of it was about money. None of it. Everyone had everything they needed (and not in a way where people didn’t have anything extra, or couldn’t go out and have fun – not at all), and everyone was supported as they were. It wasn’t a utopia, but it was a hell of a lot better than we’ve got at the moment.

person in nature with suitcaseSo how do we remove all the fear from our lives? Imagine you are carrying a couple of suitcases. With each new worry you have, those suitcases get heavier. Now try doing anything else with your hands full of suitcases. Can you paint when you’re bogged down with all that worry? Maybe, but it might not be as good as it could be. Can you sing? Yes, but the pain in your arms is clouding your notes. Your music sounds painful.

What would happen if you just set those suitcases down? What if we all did? What more could we do and how much more beautifully could we do it?

Is that fear even necessary any more? Is it all based on past experiences that maybe don’t even exist now? Hmm…

I’ve realized that I don’t need to hold on to all those heavy fear burdens. I’ve realized that the media is a fear machine and I choose to not let it feed on me anymore. I’ve learned that there are people who love spreading fear and that I choose not to participate. And I know that I want to focus on the positive things I want to see in my life instead of focusing on all the bad things that might potentially happen (especially if I’m focusing all of my energy on them).

It takes a little practice, but if you start shutting down the fear thoughts as soon as you realize they are coming up, you make it a habit to not allow them in at all in the future. Shifting to a thought about what you would like instead helps.

So I invite you to set down your suitcases. Or at least unpack them a little. You can do so much more without them. And life is so much easier too.




Man in tree photo by Rob Mulally on Unsplash
Suitcase photo by Jenelle Ball on Unsplash

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