Channeled Message Transcription

Photo of sun rays coming through trees with Channeled message text

Hello and we welcome you today. And we think you would like to know that there have been some changes, big changes, in your reality – in what you would call your current timeline. And we think you would like to know that the shift that has happened and is currently happening is well ahead of any anticipated schedule. And the reason is you. The reason is your willingness to focus on the love you have for each other, the gratitude you feel for each other, the help you receive and the help you give, and your focus on all of these things accelerates – it accelerates you toward those things you want. Toward that life that you want. Toward the Earth experience that you want, or for some, toward the new ascension experience that you want.

And so, we give you a pat on the back for your part in all of this even as you work from the inside. We think, from our perspective, it must be very difficult to do this from the inside and we are a bit in awe of you at this moment. And you have so much of our gratitude and appreciation and love. It is amazing what you have accomplished already. And what we can see that you cannot – some of you – most of you perhaps – is the fantastic culmination of all of your hard work.

And we see it as you participating in the experience that you want while everyone else gets to participate in the experience that they want. And it all meshes together perfectly. And this is your new experience coming online, right now, today. Right now, today, you can do, be, and feel what you want. You know how to do this the way you want. You have tools, you have the ability and we have seen you do it. You may not do it all the time, but you have done it. And as you now all have this ability you will start more and more bringing this ability into your experience more fully, more consistently.

And as all of you bring this particular gift online, your – what you would call – timelines merge into the one timeline where all are accepted and honored and all are allowed to be who they are and there is no conflict and there is no struggle and there is no hurting people. There is no need, there is no want. When all are connected to their true selves, and when all realize that they can live their purpose and their passion and what they love to do, and how they can spend their time in joy and enjoying what they do, the more this happens, the more you step into that reality that you have all been dreaming of.

It is happening, perhaps, from your perspective, in bits and pieces, here and there. But we would say this will expand quickly. You will all expand this. You will do it more constantly, more consistently until you are living it non-stop. This is the dream. This is the dream of the New Earth. This is the place you are all wanting to get to – where you feel valued and honored. And you are, you just do not always see it, and you just do not always feel it.

And so we would say congratulations. You have already arrived. So, notice those moments, those glimpses. Focus on them. They will expand. They will happen more and more until you are all living that life. You are all steeped in that reality. And we think you will like that very much. And we thank you.