Dear Ones,

We are coming to you today to discuss a subject that many have not believed possible until now. You are in a state of coherence which we had not thought possible. We had anticipated a great number of attempts would be necessary to attain the level you have now attained. That level is where many of you are acting in full alignment with your intended purpose.

We would say that even if you do not feel you are in complete alignment, we see that from an energetic perspective, you are. Now, you may still have some blockages that do not allow you to perform in the physical while knowing you are in this energetic state, but as we can see your energy bodies, we know this is so.

We would say to you that your confidence in your abilities is soon to grow to match your vibratory state or your energetic state. One follows the other, you see.

So for now, know that you are in alignment with the purpose of your souls as you call them, and the purpose of the All, and that you are doing more amazingly than any of us – yourselves included – could have imagined. Give yourselves a pat on the back, or a hug. It is well deserved.

And we thank you.


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