I think my Arcturian friends have been waiting to pass this message along to me (after my recent extremely painful visit to the hospital). But I also know that suffering is a thing we have here on Earth and none of us are immune. As they say, if you need clarification on any of these points, ask away!


Dear Ones,

When you have gone through a series of challenges – as all of you have at some point – you will begin to pick up clues about something within you that does not belong. We are speaking of issues and reasons why you may have incarnated here.

When there is an expansion that is wanted on a higher-self level, you and your guides design and choose an appropriate life and circumstances to overcome a “challenge” – and therefore expand in the way you wished to.

We understand that from the Earth-human-life-level, this simply looks like pointless suffering. However, we would like to give you this information so that you can consciously help in the expansion process from within your human life. Previously this was not possible, but now you are at a stage/density/dimensional awareness where you can do so.

What we would like you most to know is that when you are experiencing a trauma (or re-experiencing a trauma) it is most likely happening to trigger your emotional and psychological or mental bodies into an awareness or resolution. We would speak to traumas in very young life as not being at a point to create awareness, but rather an opportunity for later expansion – at a point in which the event can be emotionally and mentally processed.

It is essential also to note that the ego will want to now say to you that this means all of your pain is your own fault. This is of course untrue. You as the human personality had no awareness of what would happen.

We know it is difficult to imagine that you – as a higher awareness being – would create and cause such chaos for your human self. And so we will also offer that there are ways to become more aware of the reasons for the uncomfortable (and sometimes extremely painful) situations you find yourselves in.

You know that we often advocate for what you call meditation. We would simply call it quieting the mind. When you are at a point where you can create space in the emotional/psychological/mental bodies, you can then become aware of the “higher” aspects of yourself and you can mentally ask questions that will bring understanding.

We would advise also, that when you are in the middle of a dense forest, it may not be feasible yet to call for help. What we mean is that you cannot always clearly see the whole picture when you are in the middle of a trauma – when it is currently happening to you. Give yourself space and a little time and then – when you feel ready – you will be able to gain the answers you seek and find comfort in the larger picture that makes up who you really are.

These concepts could be clearer, so we wish for you to ask us anything you would like in order to be of service in clarification.

We hope this helps you. And we thank you.

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