This weird thing has been happening to me the past several years. Mysterious knocking wakes me up at night, but there doesn’t seem to be a source and no one else hears it.

Among ghosty groups, knocking generally means spirits are trying to make contact. In the paranormal world this has become sort of normal. You can hardly turn on a Most Haunted episode without an occurrence of the ghostly knocking.


little girl sleeping with My Little Pony Pinkie PieFor the past several years, when my daughter wants me but is too scared or upset to come to my room, she knocks on the wall between our bedrooms. That’s normal. I’m used to that knocking. But any other knocking is weird. We live in the country and our property is fenced and gated, so if someone knocks on our door I kinda freak out a little. That would mean someone jumped our fence and it throws my mind into emergency mode. “What happened?!” “Does someone need help?!”  Even that knocking falls into normal range, though.


The first knocking I heard, my husband heard as well. It was coming from his bedside table area. We thought it was weird when it happened a few times, but decided it must be an animal in the wall or under the house. Easy to write off.

Man sleeping with little girl blanketAfter that I started waking up at night to the sound of knocking. Thinking it was my daughter, I’d rush into her room to find her sound asleep. Then I’d rush into the boys’ room and find them sound asleep. Too confusing.

But then the really crazy one happened. We were camping with my in-laws. They had our three kids in their RV and my husband and I were in his old 1966 Dodge Travco RV (which someone gave him). In the middle of the night I woke up to someone knocking on the metal door! I jumped up and ran to the door thinking one of my kids was sick or freaked out.

Nobody. Nobody there at all. Or anywhere around.

My husband never hears the knocks that I do – the ones that wake me up. Then again, he slept through babies crying for years. Soundly.


nun knocking on doorI finally determined that the knocks are to wake me up so that I can remember the dreams I was having at the time.  It took me long enough to figure it out. I don’t know if it’s my subconscious wanting me to wake up, write them down and then process whatever issues I’m trying to work out, or my higher self or spirit guides saying “WAKE UP! REMEMBER THIS!”  Either way, I now write down my dreams, or even text keywords to myself so that I will remember in the morning. Otherwise, they’d be gone.

While writing all of this down, I remembered I also used to hear my kids crying or calling my name only to find them all sound asleep. That was before the knocking started. I chalked that up to sleep talking – which they are known to do. Maybe it wasn’t though. Maybe that was a first attempt to get me to pay attention.

Have you ever had something weird like this happen? Let me know!