I’m not gonna lie, my life has been unusually garbagy lately. I have missed my daily meditation umpteen days in a row. This is not cool because meditation is what keeps me on the super upswing – humming along and appreciating and loving everything and everyone. Today I sat the kids down in front of the latest Pete’s Dragon movie and had a whopping 30+ minute meditation all to myself. I feel soooo much better.

For about the first half I was just clearing my head and trying to relax. The last half I was asking questions and looking for guidance. I’ve been irritated by all the dysfunction in our world. I get that old, broken systems have to break down before we can build new, better ones. I don’t get why it has to take so long. Maybe I am overly optimistic. Maybe I give humans more credit than we deserve. Mostly I think I just expect to be able to do what the heck ever I want, and do it immediately. I think all things are possible – as soon as possible.

slice of a Star Trek stamp designSo I’m over there getting all angry about it and my spirit guides, or my higher self, or whoever I tap into say “This is the Kobyashi Maru“. I actually laughed out loud. For anyone who wasn’t raised by Trekkies, the Kobyashi Maru is an unwinnable test that Starfleet cadets have to take. They’re put in a situation they can’t get out of to see how they handle it. It just cracked me up. It’s true! We can win at a lot of things in life, but we can’t get it all perfect. They also reminded me that we aren’t supposed to. That’s not the point. We are here right now to see how well we do with, what I like to call, the crap-storm being thrown at us at the moment.

To do is to be. - Lao TseTo be is to do. - Dale CarnegieDo be do be do. -Frank SinatraI did pretty darn well for the first five out of the past six months, but then I started to get worn down. They gave me some good advice: Do small things for yourself. Carve out a space just for you. Place a flower, buy a trinket. Focus on the love of a small thing if that’s all you can do. It is enough.

And I want to add this: YOU are enough. Because I know SO well how easy it is to believe you aren’t. You can only do what you can do, ya know?

Right before I ended my meditation, they threw a little funny at me to remind me not to take everything so seriously. I included it here.

Until next time, focus on the love of small things, my friends, if that’s all you can do. It is enough.