Dear Ones,

In our joy to be of service to you, today in your time, we bring a message of hope once again. It is our “hope” that you will receive it as such.

When we are observing your efforts to become more of service to humanity, and the “times” such as they are there now, we see that yours is a desire tinged with fear.

We see that many are wanting to be of service, but that it is coming from a space of worry that if you don’t the world will become a very bad place indeed. And some of you also worry that many others will become negatively polarized and will not join you in your “New Earth”.

This is not so. We would tell you, once again, that all “souls” are eternal, and of source, and therefore incapable of being negative polarity.

We would also tell you that a more effective way to be of service is to simply wish love for those others of you that are there on the planet at this time. And we will further state that you can increase your impact if you will let go of any expectation. You will benefit The All by holding the understanding that everyone is, has always been, and always will be of the light.

It does not really matter what the exterior world looks like, because it is your true nature – and direction of your willingness to be of service – to emanate the love that you are outward.

There is much more to say about your reflection and all the “others” that you see, but we have stated this many times before. Everyone is a part of you.

And so, when you wish to be of service, we think you would benefit from the understanding that you are all connected, you are all love, and there is nothing else but that. If you are able to hold this knowing, your world will change greatly – as fast as your abilities allow.

As always we are ready to connect with and support any who seek us.

And we thank you.