Dear Ones,

We can tell you a story about this world and your role in it. We can explain this in a way that will help you understand how to step out of fear and return to love. 

When you first decided as a collective to incarnate there as humans, you wished not only to help evolve the planet, so to speak, but to experience what it is like for humans who have been incarnating there for many lifetimes. And so you went to “school” and you practiced “Earth life”. But the practices could not be exactly like Earth because there are certain conditions that exist there that cannot be simulated properly outside of Earth. It is a unique atmosphere.

And so, when you incarnated there it was quite a new experience for you. But you have mastered many worlds before this, and so you rose to the challenge.

At this point, you, who resonate with this message, are guides for the human collective. And as guides you have chosen to experience the same restrictions as all of the other humans face. You have chosen to experience all of the “negative” experiences. And you have chosen to set the example as to how to break free of these restrictions, and become who you really are. And you are doing it while incarnated as a human on Earth.

You have had several guides to set the energetic path for you. The history there still knows them. But most humans did not fully understand what those guides achieved. We think you do. You are returning to your “higher”, truer form, while still embodied.

And so, your task there at this time, is to let go of any beliefs or patterns of being that allow anyone else or any circumstance to cloud your ability to “do your job” so to speak. And you do this by understanding that no one and no circumstance has any power over you at all.

In fact, all you have to do is step out of that belief and remember that you are without boundary, without obstacle, without limit. You are infinite love and creation manifest in human form. And like your predecessors, who set the blueprint for you, you only need to hold that connection to the real you.

Our main suggestion to you for today is to continue to come back to holding that feeling of infinite love. Whenever you notice a fear or anything that is not in alignment with that love, remind yourself of who you really are and let go of everything else. We know that the more you practice this, the faster you will achieve what your predecessors achieved. And the more of you there are who can accomplish this, the faster you set the example for the rest. And the faster they will achieve the “New Earth” state of being they so much wish for.

We know you can do this. You have done it many times before. It is your greatest gift.

And we thank you.


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