I was asked to find out why time is going faster these days, so during my latest meditation, I asked. This is what was reported back. I then went and looked for a couple of illustrations online to show what I was seeing.

I thought it might be interesting to those wondering about timelines, so here ya go!

Meditation May 25, 2017 – New Moon

Why is time speeding up, or why does it seem like it from our perspective?

Time is, to you, a thing that moves backwards and forwards, or just forward. You cannot perceive the side to side wave it also encompasses. You have been on the wave that oscillates back and forth across the more direct line timeline route. That wave is now stretching to become one with the line, and so it seems like things are happening faster.

Pictures to demonstrate:

What we are used to traveling (blue line is where we travel):

sine wave chart








How it is now:

low amplitude sine wave graph



Why is that wave that we’ve been traveling stretching?

It is a consciousness wave that is aligning with the original intent for this timeline.


That’s it. Short and sweet. If you have any questions, let me know. I might be able to explain it better, or clarify.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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