For the past couple of months I’ve been on a medical journey. After experiencing extreme fatigue for the umpteenth time over the past 20+ years I went to see my doctor. As usual, he ran the “standard tests” and as usual they all came back “normal”. This time I decided I wasn’t having any of that. I explained to my doctor how long this had been going on (albeit intermittently) and he agreed to run some more tests until we solved the mystery.

While this was going on, a good friend asked me if I had done a past life regression on myself to find the cause. Um… duh! Just like with any business it seems you always neglect in yourself the thing you do for others. So the next day I conducted a past life regression (or PLR for short) on myself. The following is what I experienced and how I think it relates to my medical findings (these are still not all in, so there may be more that relates in the story).

I found myself outside, wearing a brown robe of some sort. I was standing by a wall or maybe a building. Definitely made of gray stone. My left hand was holding up my skirt, either to keep from tripping on it (it seemed too big) or because I was getting ready to run. In my right hand I was holding up a large rock as if I was about to try to hit someone or defend myself. I was terrified. I knew someone was coming and was just about convinced I was going to have to defend myself or try to hurt them enough so that I could get away. But get away from what?

I knew I was a woman with dark hair standing in what seemed to be a church yard in France in the later part of the 1400’s. I was wearing what seemed to be a monk’s robe which was way too big. Suddenly a voice in my head said “Wait a minute… don’t panic. They might not even see you”. Then two men wearing helmets walked past (or possibly rode past on horses). They didn’t see me. I slipped away and ran back to what I assume was a convent.

The next thing I knew I was in a room talking to a nun. She told me not to worry and that God would protect me. I sighed a sigh of relief on the inside and thought (and believed) to myself “God will protect me. God will protect me”. I should say at this point that in my current life I am not Catholic or even Christian and this idea does not agree with my belief system.

The next scene showed me sitting at some type of angled desk writing something. My logical brain said to me “You can’t be writing something. You’re a female in medieval France. Women probably didn’t write”. Maybe I was copying something. I can’t be sure but I had something in my hand making marks on paper or in a book of some sort. It was dark and candles lit the area where I was working. It seemed like the room was pretty spartan. Not a whole lot there.

Just then I heard a commotion and soldiers burst into the room. One of them grabbed me by the face (the face!) and held me against the wall. I didn’t hear the words he spoke, but I knew he thought I was the worst kind of filth and he was telling me all about it. I was put in a prison to wait.

MargueritePorete1310heresyThe last scene was me tied to some sort of post with a fire lit at my feet. The word “heretic” kept repeating in my mind. I remember leaving my body, but one of the guards had approached me and was poking at me with something to see if I was dead or if I had just passed out. I was irritated and so I went right back into my body and kicked at him just to freak him out (ha)! Then I left my body and found myself floating in “the void” which is what I call the darkness that I and many others report floating in after they leave their bodies. (It’s not scary, it’s comforting.)

As usual, I tried to get a name and date for research. The name I got was Marguerite de Ablute. The date of her death was 1478. A Google search turned up nothing. I did find a Marguerite Porete who was burned for heresy in 1310 (picture at left). The death scene I saw was similar to what is pictured here, but there were buildings behind and in front of me.

I told myself to move forward until I was with a guide or soul group member. I was met by someone who is a friend in this life who congratulated me on a great job. He said I had stuck to my beliefs no matter what the consequences were. It was like I had just come out of a classroom and he met me in the hall, or as if I had just been in a room where something like a chess tournament had been going on – lots of players moving to different tables and interacting with others at different times, but with an order to it. It was still going on, but I was out. Everything was white (including our clothes) and seemed very light and bright.

So what the heck does all of this have to do with thyroid problems – specifically low iron and low iodine? Since the thyroid is in your throat, and the throat is associated with speech, I’d say the moral of this story is to say what you mean to say – to speak your truth and not stifle it. The low iron reminds me of not having enough “back bone” to speak your truth (and I can see why with a subconscious memory of being burned at the stake for it). I imagined the iron strengthening my spine into a strong metal rod. I don’t know what the iodine represents yet. It could be something essential needed that is lacking. It may come to me in time. But I think the main theme here is that I need to be myself and not be afraid to say what I really want to say.

After this PLR I realized that all of the little irritating things that all of my loved ones were doing were to help me find my voice again – to stand up for what *I* want and what I believe and to speak about it. I’m so grateful to them! They don’t even consciously know they’re doing it. It makes me laugh!

If you have a medical issue or deficiency and you’d like to get to the emotional root of it, a PLR could help you too. Contact me via email or my contact page (links at right). I’d love to help.