Dear Ones,

When you are in a position to question what to believe, it is an opportunity. We would speak to you about taking this opportunity to choose.

You know that when you focus on the tragedies and wrongdoings there, you feel depressed and in despair. But in every tragedy, there are beautiful stories of your fellow humans doing great deeds – large and small. When you focus on these wonderful happenings, you raise your frequency instead of lowering it. We recommend that you share the beauty rather than the terribleness of the tragedy itself.

woman drinking coffee while the sun comes up with her eyes closed representing being presentIn your day-to-day lives, you also have an opportunity. See the irritation in every moment, or imagine how you can alter your life so that irritations are no longer there or no longer affect you. Frustration and irritation are not the best feelings to hold on to, yet a lot of you do. Instead, dream of little things to please you. Imagine finding a shiny penny on the ground, or a $20.00 bill. Imagine receiving a thank you note, or having a door held open for you.

When you imagine little things that would please you, they come into being. Likewise, when you imagine something that will irritate you, that can also come into being. So, you choose.

Now, we speak of small things, but you can just as easily imagine very large things you would enjoy. And when all of you begin to do this consistently, you will see larger systems and ways of being change. This is because you all share a great deal in common. You all wish for peace and happiness. And so, even if you differ from your neighbor in political or spiritual beliefs, you are the same in your dreams.

We would also say that everyone can have what they dream of at their highest frequency. No one has to be left out or has to “miss out” because of you getting what you want. The idea of lack is one that is ready to be removed from the planet. Think instead in terms of plenty for all.

When you consciously try to create with your thoughts, your life and your world change for the better at once.

We think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.

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