Dear Ones,

We can tell by the workings of the collective there how you are doing in terms of your spiritual evolution. Your world is made up of reflections to give you feedback. We would tell you how best to understand your “level of achievement” so to speak.

When you vibrate at a frequency of love, you will see things that reflect that vibration back to you. The qualities of that love may differ. You may see reflected back to you a kitten, a baby, or a person very dear to you. This is excellent feedback if you wish to perpetuate more of this type of feeling.

Now, you may also see things you do not enjoy reflected back to you. And we would say that this is an excellent tool to see where you are out of alignment with what you wish to feel and see. We are not saying that if you vibrate highly enough you will no longer have hunger and pain there on your planet. However, the more often you vibrate at an opposing frequency to the pain and hunger, the more likely you are to effect a change in the collective.

You are much more likely to change the frequency of the planet and the frequencies of those around you when you are centering yourself in love. When you keep returning to love over and over again, your field changes. Your field is so expansive that it affects everyone around you.

Eventually, everyone will be vibrating at this frequency more often. We think you can imagine how much better your world would be to live in when that happens.

And so, to speed your evolution, or ascension as you call it, simply bring yourself back to the frequency of love as often as possible. We understand how difficult this has become. We know there are distractions. But we also know it is so very worth your time.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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