Happy July Everyone!

Last week I recorded an energy report and also looked at events we can expect in July. For some reason I had a very strong feeling I should not publish it. I can’t even tell you why. There aren’t any events that are that big of a deal or that will impact many of us. 

Anyway, it feels okay to do a written re-cap so here goes:

Dramatic Realizations & Understandings

The spiral energy seems to be in full force for July. Whatever issue has been coming back over and over again for you, here is another chance (or maybe several chances through the month) to clear away another part of it, or clear it altogether. The next time it comes up, if you’re done with it, it won’t trigger anything in you. You’ll just notice it and think “Hmmm… how interesting that it doesn’t affect me anymore.” When you clear an issue, this is when you have the big understandings. This is a big part of helping us move on to the next level.

Guidance for those of us not having a very fun time with this: 

Try to focus on the understandings that will come after you clear it all. Also, a lot of how good or bad this “processing of things” goes depends on your perception of it. Focus on what good is going to come out of it. Or at least, try to believe that it’s happening for your benefit.

What Should We Do

“It’s beneficial to be the observer and recognize that the voice inside your head, after the ego speaks out of fear and protection, is your true self – your higher self.”

To me, this means that when we have an automatic reaction to something – usually a fear based thought – that thought isn’t the real us. The real us is the voice of reason that comes after. The one that smiles and says “you know that’s not really true”. Focus on that one.

“You can’t force the outer world to change, but you can change how you react while you’re in it.” Paying attention to your thoughts and dismissing those that are not the real you helps.

Dealing With Dissonant Energy

You can tell when you are in a place or with people who aren’t in alignment with the energy you are holding. Sometimes this manifests physically as a headache, nausea, or digestive issues. Try to embody more of your true self in those moments. If you find it difficult, take a break away from that atmosphere if you can. Even a five minute break at work helps. And of course, they advise taking that break outside or in nature.


July Predictions

Misguided Patriotism – Acts that aren’t based on inclusiveness, but emphasize separation ideas.
Location: Worldwide. Focus on U.S. and France. Might see more Protests and Rallies.

Unusual Snow – Unexpected altogether, unexpected amounts, or unusual location.
Location: Possibly southern hemisphere.

Location: Also southern hemisphere – possibly off the Southwest coast of South America.
(We have a lot of earthquakes around the globe all the time, so it must be an unusual location or unusual magnitude.)

Extreme Rain Events
Location: Also South America

Sink Holes
Location: In areas of recent very heavy rain. My thoughts went to Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma.
(Notes: I looked up whether this is likely, and from the science, it seems most likely in heavily flooded areas in Missouri. Although I was getting a Kansas vibe for some reason.) I should also say I only saw these in farm lands that weren’t being used at the moment.

No Worries

August is going to transition us into a smoother September, October, November this year.  Connect with each other – we are the strength for each other through this whole transition.

Much Love,




Photo by Reid Zura on Unsplash

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