Space weather. Ever heard of it? Probably not. I’ve only been following along over the past four years or so and I still can’t say I really understand it. But with space weather, there are things we can’t see that may be affecting us.

Geomagnetic Storms

KP Index chart showing geomagnetic storm in red

When the sun discharges anything in our direction (at Earth) we are on alert for geomagnetic storms. I have a handy little app (get it on Google, or get it for your iThing) that tells me when we are experiencing these storms. But even if I don’t get the notice, I still know. How? When my children are all angry at once, I know. No joke. If everyone has been fine all day and then suddenly they are fighting and getting angry about nothing, I check space weather and nine times out of ten, it’s a geomagnetic storm. Don’t even ask me why this happens. That’s a question for Ben Davidson over at

The other way I know is when I wake up at 4:00 am (or some other weird time completely out of character for me) and I start having these awful thoughts about everything I’ve ever done wrong. I always stop and think “what the heck”?!  And then I pull up my app. Again, nine times out of ten, we’re in the middle of a geomagnetic storm.

Electron Storms

Electron storms affect me in a different way. If I am having a prolonged difficult time coming to terms with events going on in my life – like a constant “why is nothing working out?” – I blame electron storms. I’m not sure what else they cause. I’d guess they probably affect people in different ways. That’s just how it feels to me.  It’s like a constant strain or pressure added to life. Can I just add that we’re in the midst of an enduring electron storm right now and it may reach level two soon? Graaaaand.

Electron Flux Chart Showing Electron Storm

Anything above the dotted line = storm conditions


Protons, Plasma, Gamma Ray Bursts, Etc.

I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the known things that head our way. I just know that if the material from the sun and the electron count affect me in my daily life, then there are lots of other things we just don’t even know about that are affecting us as well.

Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonance chart

This one is controversial. Some say the Schumann resonance is rising on the Earth and it’s raising our consciousness. I’m okay with that. I can also attest that when that dang chart lights up, I’m always thinking “Yep, I’m feeling that”. Here’s what Dr. Joe Dispenza has to say about it.


Why It’s Helpful To Know

Things you can't see may be affecting you. Find out what here.So if all of this stuff is hitting us and affecting us, what can we do about it? For me, I use it as a tool to be aware of my actions and reactions. It’s also a good tool for my kids. I say “geomagnetic storm, guys, take a deep breath”. Then I take a deep breath myself. A lot of anger comes up during those and I’m pretty sure Ben’s got a paper or an article or something on his site that talks about people having cardiac events during those times as well. Yikes.

Now go drink an herbal tea, take some deep breaths, watch something that makes you laugh and remember that this too shall pass. Take good care of yourself. We’re all processing out the junk we don’t need anymore. Let go of it all and be kind to YOU. Check out my article on Emotional Overwhelm if you need some more ideas that will help.

Sending love out to you all,

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Cover photo by Marcelo Quinan on Unsplash