Dear Ones,

We see that when seeking a way to make your lives better, you often turn to things that are external to you. You do this through entertainment such as television and movies, ingestion of non-optimal materials [ex. junk food, drugs], and behaviors that are outside of the ones that are beneficial for your physical and energetic health [ex. sexual addictions]. We would tell you that there is a much simpler way.

When you are seeking to bring yourself into balance with your higher aspects – and we have said this before – the easiest and fastest path is through your energetic connection. We mean, of course, that when you take just a few moments to quiet your busy mind and go within yourself, you will find that thread of energy that is the real you. This is what “connects” you to your larger self – or what you call your higher self.

That larger self is very aware of the bigger picture of what is going on there on Earth as well as what is going on with your mission and purpose while you are experiencing and focusing on your current life. When you want to know consciously what your higher aspect knows precisely, you must find that thread within you. Because that thread is you.

We know that you find it very challenging at times to find that thread. And we have said that it simply takes practice and dedication. You are in an environment where there are distractions beyond what any of your other lifetimes and existences have had. So, you must ask yourself what you would prefer.

Would you prefer to know the “bigger picture” and create a daily practice for getting there? Or would you prefer to continue the experience of shifting your focus depending on what is currently being placed in front of you? There is no judgment in either selection. However, we see that most of you would prefer the “bigger picture” option.

And so, the simple act of creating a daily practice of quieting your mind for a time, with the intention of finding that inner thread that connects you to your larger aspects, is recommended for you at this time. It will not take long before you experience the excitement of knowing for yourself, who it is you are here to be.

We think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.

[ ] = Things that come across as “knowings” but don’t translate into words as I’m channeling. I feel they help with the understanding of the message.


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