There are some new terms today I’ve never heard (habit of mind and diversity “fix”). From my perspective, they’re talking about how we switch from one thing to another, or often we do multiple things at once like scrolling social media while watching TV and talking to a family member.  I can see how meditation or even walking in nature can really help with integrating our everyday experience into our energy and further – into our souls. When we create some space in our minds, we create a more balanced life. Sounds great. Now, will we make the time for ourselves?  It can be a challenge, but we’re up for it, right?


Dear Ones,

Today’s topic is about peace. The kind of peace that can only come from the inside.

When you live in an environment, such as you currently occupy, there are so many variables drawing your attention. It is the nature of your world to explore its beautiful diversity. However, you can develop a habit of mind in which you are always seeking another diversity “fix”. This can lead to a disconnect from your true self.

This is a good thing when you are wanting to get the full Earth experience. However, a balance of Earth and “spirit” would be a more holistic approach at this time. When you are fully immersed in your everyday life, you can be unbalanced to the point that you no longer enjoy life. This is not the purpose.

Your purpose is to remain balanced so that you can both enjoy the wonders that this world has to offer, and also integrate the experience into your true being. Of course, you do this anyway – you cannot help but integrate your experience. But we think you would enjoy integrating it in “real-time”, so to speak.

In this way, you enjoy both the experience and the higher knowledge of integrating the experience. When you do this, you are expanding at a much more rapid rate than by using the experience alone. (Of course, you know that the ways to integrate include meditation, hypnosis, and more.)

As you are the ones at the forefront of the Great Shift to a new way of being here on this planet, we think you will enjoy this knowledge and the practice of it.

As always, we are in service to you.

And we thank you.


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More of Your Light:
Channeled Arcturian Messages Regarding Your Mission, Abilities, and The Shift to New Earth

More of your Light by Amanda Shertzer book cover - green and white - lightworker support series


You are a beacon of hope on Earth.

You are valued and supported in ways you can’t even imagine.

When you identify as a Lightworker, Starseed, or Wanderer, you may feel lonely at times. You may feel defeated within a world that doesn’t seem to make sense. You are setting the energetic blueprint for others to follow, but sometimes you need a little bit of support and guidance yourself.

Our other-dimensional friends are here to help.

Channeled messages from the Arcturians are compiled here to guide and support you throughout your life as a light, or beacon, for others. The Arcturian Collective’s gentle guidance helps you keep your frequency high, so you can vibrate right where you need to for others. Use this book as a resource as we all go through the ascension and The Shift to New Earth.

In Part One you will find:


  • Understand what old programming you are moving out of
  • Get a view of what new things you will be seeing in the collective
  • Understand difficult emotions and how to transcend them
  • See how working together creates the changes you want to see
  • Learn how to keep from being influenced by the “negative”
  • Get a clear knowledge of how to remember your true self
  • Find out what your mission entails and how to maintain it


  • Taking care of your energetic body
  • Clearing what you no longer need
  • How you help the collective
  • Ways to take care of yourself
  • Dealing with loneliness
  • Dealing with self-doubt
  • Signs of support

Part Two contains three sections:

  • How to connect to your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and other dimensional beings.
  • How to manifest anything you want to be, do, or have.
  • How we can all create the “New Earth” and live the 5D way.

Use the index of topics at the end of the book when you are looking for particular guidance. Or simply flip through the pages and see what you land on to get a message just for this moment.

Whether you’re feeling lost in the dark, or you’re resonating at a super-high frequency, you’ll find More of Your Light within this book.

~ ~ ~

Amanda Shertzer is a lightworker supporting other lightworkers in their path to learning more about why they’re here and what their missions are. She uses channeled transmissions from other-dimensional beings as well as one-on-one hypnotherapy and channeling sessions as a part of her own lightworker mission. Her channelings are featured on YouTube, Twitter, and websites worldwide.