Why You Need To Embrace Your Weird with image of leaning tower of PisaWith so many people “coming out” these days about various things, I decided to come out about this: I’m weird.

I have a list of things I think other people might believe are reasons to put me in the “weird” category:

  • I’m a certified hypnotist
  • I believe in reincarnation
  • I’m from the bible belt, but I’m not Christian
  • I channel
  • I don’t believe we are the only intelligent life in the universe
  • I homeschool my children
  • I live in a house with only one bathroom (gasp!)

Okay, that last one is more unusual than weird. I’d like to get that one removed from the list though! 🙂

But, hey, I’m in good company. Among my friends, acquaintances, and relations I have the following:

  • A Psychic/Medium
  • More than one Reiki Healer
  • Someone who can access the Akashic records
  • More than one person who can heal (physical ailments) through vocal tones and song
  • A specialist in “tapping” therapy for clearing blocks
  • A specialist in using scent to cure… well… anything
  • A spiritual coach
  • People who astral project
  • People who have seen ghosts
  • Loads of hypnotists

There are probably a lot more I can’t remember to add to the list. So after years of being a closet weirdo, I’ve found my tribe and they are ever expanding. Today I realized that when I meet a person and I wonder “if they knew I channel, would they think I’m insane?”, I am basically saying I don’t find that part of myself acceptable. And that’s no good.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Last year I watched this viral video. This judge is shocking these kids, but she is also showing compassion. She honestly cares. There is a point at which what she says gives me chills. She says “You are special, and you are uniquely made, and nobody else can do what you’re supposed to do in this world. Nobody else. And if you don’t do it, we won’t have it”.

I completely agree with this and have incorporated it into my belief system. Each of us is here because we are unique. We like different things, we want to do different things, and we want to be different things. And guess what? If we are not our unique, honest, authentic selves, there isn’t anyone else in the world who can be that instead. And we won’t have it. We will have an Earth that is missing something essential.

My Advice

silhouette of a group of people on the beach at sunsetHaving said all of that, here is my advice: Do you. Be you. If you are worried about what someone will think of you if you are being yourself, so. what. Find your tribe. The whole world needs you to be yourself 100%. If you don’t, you are depriving us all of that essential piece that is needed here, right now. So please, be yourself. You will still be loved. And if someone makes fun of you, or thinks you’re weird, so be it. You are too important to worry about them. Also, if they are making fun of you, it’s because they haven’t figured out how to be themselves yet. So take yourself out of their equation.

Now, if you want to feel you’re in good company, you can check out some of the things that make me… unique and important:


Sending lots of love out to all of my “weirdo” tribe!





Cover photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash