Dear Ones,

We would like to speak today on a topic of much interest in the human experience: That which is physical. You all have much experience in the non-physical, however, experiences in the physical realms are less common.

When you incarnate in the physical, particularly on Earth, you limit yourselves. You restrict your memories of what your multidimensional self is like. And of course, you restrict yourselves from knowing that you are a part of The All. You do this for a reason. We understand it does not make complete sense to you while you are there. But we think it is important for you to know that this physical manifestation of the eternal you was chosen by you.

Many of you are here at this time to bring a “higher” vibration onto the planet. You are setting the blueprint of a multidimensional self remembering who they really are while still embodied in the physical. This is the direction all humans are moving toward at this time. And you have come here to carve that path so to speak. You are either here to help, or you are here to remember who you really are.

There are, of course, many distractions here. Some may come into human form and never truly remember who they are. But those of you who are here to help will often come in contact with many, many other humans in an effort to share your energetic signature. And you will do this in a very deeply connected way. Once this happens, the “spark” is ignited in the other and they begin to wonder who they really are. And they will be drawn to your light.

The energy signature you carry is one of unconditional love. And from a multidimensional place, you wish to spread this level of awareness, this level of emotion, through all of your human connections. As a result, what you are seeing in the world, at this time, is humans sharing their love with others in ways that have not been culturally accepted. This is a transition time. Those of you holding the frequency of unconditional love and support are greatly needed by the collective. It is your purpose (one of many).

And so, as long as you are holding the frequency of love, connection, and support for others, you are helping the collective to continue the shift into a new era for humanity. It is what you are made of. And it is why you are here at this time.

As always, we are here in support of you.

And we thank you.

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