Very often people want to receive direct messages from their guides. They want words and images and information. They want to ask questions and get answers just like their guide is a physical person standing in the room. People often say they meditate for hours and hours and they “get nothing”.

The Arcturians almost always answer “you’re trying too hard”. When you want something so badly, you are actually in resistance to it. You block the free flow. But the truth is that you can’t not be receiving information from your guides.

Your Guidance Is Everywhere

I love this quote from the Q’uo in The Wanderer’s Handbook by Carla Rueckert:

“The Creator is constantly communicating to you using everything: nature, the environment, other people, coincidences.”

There is a lot of information packed in that one small sentence, but basically, we have to train ourselves in how to receive the messages our guides are constantly sending us.

  • Ever wonder about something and a bus passes by with a message or word on it that is the answer to the question you were just asking in your head?
  • Ever had your umbrella fall off a table or hook when it was sunny outside (so you left it at home) and then it rained on you later that day?
  • Ever had a nudge inside of you telling you to change lanes and then narrowly avoid an accident?

Our guides are “throwing things at us” all the time. Like pebbles into a pond – trying to get us to notice the ripples.

The Practical

Maybe we all look at direct contact with our guides as the ultimate goal. But, sadly, we are not taught as children how to do this. In fact, we are taught not to do this. We are told (usually by someone fearful) that we do not see the future, we do not know what Aunt Janet is really thinking, and we do not remember our past lives. We are told we are imagining it all. So we lock it up (until we can’t anymore).

Tarot cards and a candle representing fate vs ego and discernmentThe easiest first steps to communication you are probably already doing. It is not “cheating” to use an oracle deck, tarot cards, a pendulum, or other tools to get answers. It’s a foot in the door.

One good trick to learn is what your communication strength is. A clue to finding it is to watch how you use language. Do you say things like “I see what you mean.” (Visual) or “I hear what you’re saying” (Auditory) or “I get that/I know what you mean” (Knowing/Sentient)? Use neurolinguistics to figure out your strengths in receiving information.

  • Are you a visual person? Can you look at an oracle card, something visual jumps out at you, and information about it jumps out with it?
  • Or are you an “active” receiver? Do you need to be painting to receive information? Do you need to be out for a walk or a run in nature and the “downloads” just come?

One thing I recommend often is “automatic writing”. I used to think automatic writing was when you held a pen or pencil in your hand, closed your eyes and your hand would move on its own and leave you a message. It never worked for me. However, I can sit down and start typing up questions, start guessing at answers, and before I know it my fingers are flying seemingly on their own with words and phrases that really don’t feel like something I’m coming up with. It’s awesome. But also, sometimes when you realize it’s happening it stops because you know you were just in the flow and now you aren’t anymore. No worries though, it’ll come again. If you’ve read any of the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch, you’ll know this is the basis of the books. So clearly it works.

Make It Yours

Now the only question is, what style suits you best? You don’t even have to do anything common or even known. Heck, you can paint stones different colors, assign them meanings and ask your question as you pull one of your stones out.

Once you find the thing you like to do or use to communicate with your guides, hopefully, it’ll be something you really enjoy. Because the last part of this equation is that you won’t practice something that is boring or feels like work. And you do need to practice until communication becomes natural and you get those “downloads” of telepathic information without feeling like you’re trying at all.

Please do me a favor and let me know when you start reaching those flow states. I will 100% be your cheerleader! The bonus is that the more of us that learn to communicate easily with our “teams”, the easier it becomes for everyone else. The energy/frequency shifts and the next generation gets an easier time of it. Win-Win!

Have Fun and Much Love!

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