Dear Ones,

This is a “moment” of great blessings for you, though it may be difficult for you to see it at this time. What is unfolding now on your planet is an awakening the likes of which no one there has ever seen.

We can see that you are all somewhat anxiously awaiting the outcomes of certain events there. Some of you hold worry about these events and some, who believe they know the outcomes, hold anticipation. And we would say you are all correct. Because it is what you expect that you create.

We would suggest, in this time, that you hold the feeling and way of being that you wish to exist in when all of these events have unfolded. In other words, we think you would much rather be in a state of love and cooperation than in a state of pitying the “other side”, so to speak. If you are on a “side” then you are still polarized – whether you are picking up on the collective energies or you still have programming you have not yet released.

The greatest benefit to humanity, and those on the planet there at this time, is for everyone to hold the feeling and vibrational frequency of love and compassion and cooperation. There are many there who are about to awaken, and the peak state before this awakening is anger and frustration and yes, even sometimes great hate. But just as everything is ever changing there, these states are about to change as well.

We do not mean through what you call The Event. We mean the final groups of un-awakened humans being triggered into awakening because their physical vessels can no longer tolerate the drain on their systems from their emotional states. This means, they will either develop illness, or they will shift. Most of those who become ill will shift through the illness. There are very few (in relation to your entire population) who will choose not to shift and will transition instead.

We are sharing this because all of you can take responsibility for your own creations, and hold a space and frequency of love, peace, understanding, compassion and cooperation for those who cannot feel it at this time. You will make their transition through the shift much easier if you do this. And you will also keep yourself from being influenced by their emotions in this interesting time on your planet.

And so, if you wish to help (and we know you do because that is why you are there) then hold that frequency we have mentioned. There is no greater service you can do on the planet at this time.

We are eager for you to see the impressive impact you have on your reality.

And we thank you.