Dear Ones,

In the current environment there you may feel like things are worsening. In the physical, they may be. But in your energy, you are expanding.

When you take on a life there, you are essentially squeezing yourself into a tight space. It is not unlike those of you who go climbing through crevices and tight spaces for fun. When you are finished with your adventure of the day, you feel a sense of accomplishment. And so it is with a life there.

We are not saying life there is expressly difficult for the purpose of having a difficult experience. There are many there who have beautiful lives in spite of difficult circumstances. What we are saying is that difficulty creates expansion for you at a soul level.

We hear you ask how that helps you there and now. We are simply giving you the big picture so that you can keep in mind that it is not all for nothing. In addition, the difficulties you face are not insurmountable. There are multi-layers of purposes.

There is the higher purpose, then there is the adventure of getting through a difficult time and feeling good about how you managed to do it. In addition, there is the higher physical adventure of using the “powers” of your true self in changing your circumstances by directing your mind, thoughts, and feelings. We are speaking of manifesting the life you want by directing your life rather than just allowing whatever happens to happen. When you don’t do this, it is really your subconscious mind that is producing the flow.

And so, there are many ways to enjoy your life there. And with multiple levels of adventure, you get to choose which way you want to live it.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.


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