Dear Ones,

We would tell you today about a story of hope, ascension, and worth. 

We can see, through the history of time there as you experience it, that things evolve rather slowly from your perspective. But there is a way to speed things up.

When you extend a kindness to someone, you are not only benefiting from that act yourself. The person you are helping is someone’s ancestor (from the future perspective). When you hear about healing your ancestral line, what you don’t think about most times is that you are creating someone’s ancestral line with your own actions and your actions toward others.

If, in fact, you do wish to speed up this process of ancestral healing, think of it in terms of the present moment. Help those in need so that they never develop hardships that need to be healed. Give comfort to yourself and take time to rest after challenges. Congratulate yourself for getting through it all.

Most of all, know that you are loved beyond measure. Because the quickest way for ascension to happen is when you are kind to yourselves and have compassion for others. This is how you heal ancestral timelines. It begins with today.

As always, we are in service to you.

And we thank you.

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