Dear Ones,

We know, at this time, that there are a great many things you would rather see in your world. But we will tell you that there is a rapid transformation happening right at this moment of your time.

You are in the midst of a great change. You knew it was coming and it is what you are here for. We understand that looking around – you see and feel only chaos and upheaval. But there is an underlying current of exponential motion and energy toward the way of being you all wish most for.

We can tell you of the great things coming in your lifetime. There will be great healing ability. There will be great kindnesses performed for exponentially more people. There will be a cleaner and clearer Earth. Not because of the use of force but because you, as humans, are shifting in understanding.

This understanding will be a very drastic shift. Not of a moment, but of only a matter of a few years. You have already reached the tipping point, Dear Ones, and the curve upward has begun. Enjoy the rise to greater states of being. It is a magnificent experience.

We look forward to feeling this right along with you.

And we thank you.


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