Dear Ones,

We understand that your life there and your “work” to create a new kind of Earth for yourselves has been challenging. We will tell you that you have reached a new phase in your existence. It is that of compassion and cooperation. It is that of understanding the “other” as you call it. Of course you know that there really is no “other” at all. It is all just you as one. And now that you know this, things will go much smoother for you from this point.

There is a transition of sorts happening and you are the ones who have, and continue to, usher it in. You are the ones who lead with your thoughts and your feelings. When you focus on the good you wish to see, you empower yourselves and everyone around you. And those who continue to focus on their problems, and try to gain power to stay safe, will soon come to realize they are, and have always been, safe. Your energy and focus will help them. They will not be able to maintain any fear for much longer.

We tell you this because there has been much anticipation around particular events meant to awaken the collective and move you forward. We tell you that you have already been involved in this process for a very long time. And now is the time when you will begin to see the “fruits of your labor” as you say. Now you will begin to see how you can create that change you wished so much to see. Now it will be much easier going forward to use the intuitive abilities you have always known you possess. And now you can be a mentor to those just coming into this understanding.

When you have struggled, when you have not known what to do, those were times that others will now experience. And you can guide them through it because you have been there yourselves.

When you realize your past suffering is now useful, you can be grateful for every event in your life. You can look back and realize there is a purpose and use for anything you ever considered “bad”. You can always turn it into a service for good to help others. And when you help others, the world consciousness rises a little bit more.

Your work here has been invaluable in shifting into the kind of environment in which you wish to live. You have created it. You had planned it that way before this Earth even was created. And you will be surprised – when your time here is finished for this life – at how much you have done to contribute to the whole.

You will be so pleased to see what is now unfolding for you all. Get ready for the grateful tears as your plans now come together. We know you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.


peace symbol over infinity symbol
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