This is Part I of a transcription (of an audio recording) of a hypnosis session in which I apparently go into a future life. I learned some things while transcribing it. I use the word “like” a lot. I also have a tendency to add “y” to the ends of words that aren’t supposed to have it. And I don’t seem to finish many sentences.  🙂 Also, even though I’m the one describing everything, I seem to find it all very strange. The questions in bold are those of my friend who is performing the hypnosis session. Following those are my responses. Enjoy!

Transcription Begins:

Everything is white with that acrylic-y sort of shininess. I’m inside somewhere and the air smells like it’s been filtered. It’s not like fresh air coming in from outside. It’s like some kind of filtered system.

What are the first feelings or impressions that you have?

Everything is very clean and shiny I just can’t tell what this area is. It’s not a normal shape. It’s got angles coming out of different places. It’s not like a square room. It’s a room with weird angles and then there’s another room off… sort of something off in there. I’m looking for furniture. I’m trying to see what the room really looks like because all… I just see white, shiny surfaces. It doesn’t look like our kind of houses. I guess it must be a house because I keep comparing it to houses.

It’s like an angle that comes out from a corner but it’s to be used as a chair. It just comes out and you can sit on it and then maybe… there’s like a – it might be a little table over here.

There’s nothing on any surface. I mean, it’s all white and perfectly clean and shiny and it’s nice and bright. But there’s no decoration there’s no color, there are no pictures. There’s nothing.

But it’s intended to be like built-in furniture?

Seems like. It seems like that’s why it’s there.

What do you think the purpose of the space is? It seems residential? Or is there some other purpose?

Well I’m questioning whether it’s a prison-y type thing because I don’t know where there’s an exit. I haven’t looked, but just…

How do you feel being there?

I don’t seem to have any emotion either way.  I feel like I’m in the future to be honest. As soon as we started traveling, I went the opposite direction I usually go. Normally I go up and I go this way (indicating left), but this time I went up and I went this way (indicating right).

I feel like there’s something at the top of the walls like… I don’t know… like glass or something. So you can see out. I mean you can’t really see anything because it’s up so high, but at the top of all the walls is like a strip of… “not white”. I guess it’s just clear.

Can you see beyond that? Through it?

It’s just dark right now. The door is over here, and then this is like a little living area, and then there’s something. There’s like… you go in… It’s all very jaggedy. It’s not very… it’s nothing smooth. Like these angles come out and then there’s something in there, but it’s all zig-zaggy. I don’t know what’s in there. I feel like this isn’t the only one. I feel like I’m in a complex full of these. Like there’s a lot of them.

Do you want to look down at your feet? See if you have anything on your feet.

I can’t tell if there’s something covering them, or my feet just look weird. It’s like doll feet where they’re… you know, they’re just rounded over and then they’re flat on the bottom. But I may have slippers or something on.

No toes?

No anything. It’s just a smooth… But I think I may have slippers or some kind of shoes on. But I’ve got white pants on and some kind of white… oh…  When I look at what I’m wearing, it reminds me of what the… maybe not related, but it reminded me of the longer jacket-y type things that… In the future when I looked at what our government would be like, there wasn’t a president – it was a council. But it wasn’t a council of politicians. It was like it was a council of people like Mother Theresa and Gandhi and Jesus and like, you know, that kind of heart-centered people. But they were wearing- not business suits, but they all had light colored jackets that were long. So I’m wearing this long, white thing and I’ve got white leggings on it looks like.

Is there symbolism to the color white? Or meaning?

It’s very clean, I guess. I was wondering if maybe we don’t use dyes or something for some reason.

Is there anything of any color there?

No it’s absolutely white. No color. At all. Well, except my… if I’m wearing slippers, they’re not white. They’re like beige-ish pink. Not quite skin color, darker. Almost mauve, you know.

Stretch your hands in front of you and look at them. See if you’re holding anything or what your hands look like.

I can’t tell. They don’t look right. They keep changing.

At first I thought I was sort of Asian-y looking. Like I have black hair. But a thought popped into my head that maybe this is a sterile environment because there’s something wrong with me and the white is to make sure there’s no blood or… They can tell immediately if something’s not right.

Is it a hospital?

No, but I’m… It’s a special purpose building. It’s a special purpose area. Like I’m here for a reason. It’s not just my house, it’s not just this is how people live in the future. There’s some reason I am in this space. And other people are here in this space. It’s not a prison, it’s not a hospital. It’s like we are… we have a special job and so we all have to… we don’t have to, but… it’s optimal if we are all in these kind of rooms.

Can you leave if you want?

Yeah, but I don’t want to because it’s not… Because “out there” I don’t… I have some kind of special purpose and I can’t use my gained knowledge and mastery of whatever it is I do… I can’t use it if I go out in the general population. I would be bored. And I would feel like I have nothing to do. It’s like I don’t enjoy the everyday stuff like the other people do. … I’m trying to figure out what I do. Whether I do it by myself or with a group…

I was looking around for like… do I meditate? Well it doesn’t look like a very comfortable place to meditate. There’s no cushions or anything. To sit on or anything. And then I thought maybe I transmit information mentally to people. Well first I thought maybe I receive. Maybe I and the other people there receive information and then we give it to somebody or something. And so I was looking – Do I write this stuff down? And then I realized – No, we just transmit it.

So I’m wondering if it’s all sterile because there’s no mental stimulation or anything that would block us from receiving whatever information we receive. And then apparently we can connect – mentally connect to each other. Like without having to call anybody or go next door or anything. I can just check in with these people and say – or transmit to them (not say because it’s not just words. It’s like complex thought forms or something). It’s like a big lump of information just shows up. And then you connect with other people and if they got information, then you connect it all together. Then it goes to a central location that is supposed to be benefiting everybody.

What kind of information?

It’s just the answers to anything that anybody in the general population needs the answer to: “How do we keep these crops from dying?” “How do we stop this river from flooding this area?” “How do we… blah blah blah.” And it just shows up. It’s like we’re downloading information from a higher intelligence. And then we’re sending it into some kind of artificial intelligence computer. There’s like a copper-looking, gigantic ball thing in the center of this place where we are. And we’re all sending information into this thing. But it’s got an electrical component. Or an electromagnetic component to it. And somehow it’s connected to a system where people can access the answers to these things somehow.

So you’re like Google for spirit guides?

Yeah, I am like Google. I’m getting the info from higher up, or we – me and these other people are. And then we’re just transmitting it for the good of mankind. Because we’re not quite evolved yet enough for everybody to just access it naturally. So it takes certain people with a – We have to want to do it for one thing, and then you have to be able to do it, and then that’s just what we spend our time doing. That’s our job.

Do you have a personal life?

No. Because we have to… Nope. Uh uh. I mean, we can go look outside and enjoy the air or whatever, but we don’t collect things and look at television and stuff like that. There’s no… I don’t have a family that I live with.

But you’re human?

As far as I can tell.

Are you male or female?

Female. Short, Asian, dark hair. Older. Sometimes when I looked at my hands they were gnarled like I was really old, but then they didn’t. My face doesn’t look very old. I’m not young, but I’m not ancient.

Do you have decorations anywhere on your body?

That’s interesting because that version of me answered you and was like “what would be the purpose of that?”  She is like no-nonsense. She is like “I receive the information and I transmit the information. It has to be pure or it doesn’t help. I can’t have an ego. Because my ego would interfere and try to manipulate the information that comes in and then it doesn’t help people. And I want to help people.”  (This is the weirdest thing ever.)

Is it an enjoyable or satisfying thing to do?

Oh, she loves it! She is just like “this is my purpose and I…” She’d just do it all the time. She loves it. She doesn’t miss any of it. She doesn’t see – life in the general population for her would be so awful. She would hate it. She doesn’t want colorful things on her walls. She doesn’t want “stuff”, or flowers or you know, even food.  It’s like there’s a table to sit down at but I don’t even think she eats like that. I think she’s just given some kind of nutrition in some way and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want flavor or texture or anything. It’s all about receiving and sending. It comes in, it goes out. It comes in, it goes out.

What are some of the other important events in this life?

I’m seeing myself as a toddler and them realizing that that is my thing. That I can… It’s weird. It’s like I feel a connection to kids with Autism and Asperger’s. When they stare off into space it’s not because they’re not thinking, it’s because they’re thinking such complex things. And it was like that, but only in that time period they get it. They understand what it is.

What time period is it?

I suck at dates. I don’t know. 2277 or 3277 or 3377? I don’t know. It’s 20 or 30 77. 22 or 32 or 33 or 23. I don’t know. There are 3’s and 2’s at the beginning and 7’s at the end. It doesn’t seem like that far away really. I mean, the world is still really similar. There’s more tech. We still have buildings and streets and people going to work and doing stuff.

Where are you on the globe?

I’m trying to zoom out and look. (I initially felt New York or the Northeast of the U.S. but didn’t say so because the landscape looked so weird when I zoomed out.) I can’t… I don’t know.

Part II is located here.