This is Part II of a hypnosis session in which I apparently went to a future life. Part I is located here.

Transcription continues:

Is there a name for what you do?

Yeah, but it’s in another language.

Do you speak that language?

Not in this life.

Can she translate for you?

It’s like Borzhish… Borzheesh. Uh… what does that mean in English?

What’s the word?

Borzheesh? Borzhish? It’s like a combination of a seer, and a computer processor. And we don’t have a word for that because we don’t have those things here.

What’s the ultimate purpose of that activity?

To help mankind.

To help them do what?

We are the bridge between spirit – that the majority of people can’t or don’t want to access… to tap into… they don’t want to take the time to do it – so we act as their bridge. When they have questions we ask, we receive, clearly without any ego interference (because we don’t have any personal interest). For example, we couldn’t … like if someone wanted to know how to get somebody to be interested in them romantically. Well, they already want this person to be interested in them, so when they’re asking spirit, their ego is saying “whatever spirit gives me is going to be what I like. It’s going to be an answer I like.” So they’re going to have a filter. It’s got to come through the filter of “this has to be what I like”. So that message comes through, but then your ego tweaks it to be what you like, so you don’t get the message clearly.

But with these people, the bridge people, they don’t have the ego. They don’t have an interest in this. They ask the question, they get the answer, they feed it into the central system for people. We’re like the spiritual internet or something (laughing).

Are there any other events in that life that are important? Have you done this since you were a child?

Yeah, once they know that that’s your thing. At any time you can go back out in the general population. I might have tried to do that. Looks like when I was in my early 20’s, I tried to live with my family maybe. It was too much stimulus maybe. It’s almost like I have some kind of thing… Like I came into the life with the purpose of doing this – like that’s what I wanted to do when I came in. And so I came into a body that can’t handle a lot of external stimulus. Like people with… whatever I just said the name of that thing was. Not Asperger’s, but the other one?


Yes. It’s like I went into a body that had this… didn’t like a lot of stimulation so that I could be put into this sterile environment. So I could just focus on receiving and passing along the information. It’s supposed to bump humankind’s evolution. To speed it up. Because the way our culture has developed, the whole culture would have to be completely broken down and restarted in order for all of us to connect to the higher source of information. Or the source of all knowledge. So, since the general consensus of all souls that are “doing the Earth thing” don’t really want to scrap the whole world and start over, this is like a patch to get us to evolve without having to wreck everything first. Does that make sense?

Why would it be wrecked?

Well, because our various cultures around the world don’t… You know we have monetary systems, we go to work, we have laws. We have money. And because all these structures are in place, and all these structures have been built over time – hundreds and hundreds, thousands of years – we’ve built up this whole lattice of structure of all these things that are interwoven. And these things don’t allow for the spiritual connection to all knowledge. Our minds are too caught up in this lattice. I mean, we have all these different things to think about constantly. We have all these things to think about and all these things to do in this life that we’ve built, this whole – all the cultures around this way of life. There is no way to have all of this – the way everything is, and the way everything continues to evolve –  there isn’t a way to have all of that AND the connection to the source of all knowledge for daily use.  People can’t do that today. It’s just continuing. It’s been like this for thousands of years. It’s not changing. So… here are your choices: wreck all of civilization and make it some way that we can all have plenty of time to sit around and think and connect in and feel, and connect in with that source (which means the annihilation of all of our current systems which were developed over thousands of years. Nobody wants that because, wow, we’ve been working on that for a long time) or: let’s bridge the gap and bring this knowledge down. And when we bring this knowledge in, in a clear way, then everybody can see “oh, that makes so much more sense, yes”, and then it’s clear to them. It’s not clear to us right now. We can’t  see any of that. Because there’s too much culture, history, systems. There are too many systems that we participate in. We get up and we go to work. We go to schools, we have jobs, we have obligations, we mow our lawn. These are all things that we have to do. We have to go to the bank, we have to do our laundry. There are too many things. We don’t have time. It just doesn’t work.

How do people connect with your services?

Through this. It’s an artificial intelligence. We put it in the memory banks of that. And I think there’s a holographic interface. It could be a person. I think they can change it. It’s like their computer in their house, only it’s not a keyboard and a monitor and a desk. It’s just like you walk over to the wall and you go “How do I blah blah blah blah blah?” And then if you set up your holographic interface person to look like Tweety Bird, then Tweety Bird pops up and says “well, you need to blah blah blah blah blah”. Or if it’s a male figure or female figure, an alien. Whatever you want. You get to pick. It’s like a fun thing – you get to select how you want it to look. And then it just tells you because we’ve gotten that information direct from source. From the source of all knowledge.

Is there any danger of misuse of that system?

We weren’t given the ability to do this until we passed the point of destroying each other. We’re at the point now where… The only reason people go to war is they feel they’re not loved, or there’s a loss of something that they want, or… that’s it really. It’s the loss of something they want. You take loved ones away, you take money away. Everybody is supported during that time. You have jobs, but not because you have a car payment. That’s not why you go to work: because you have to pay your mortgage. Everybody is taken care of. You go and do whatever you like because you enjoy it. And you do it because you enjoy contributing to the bigger picture, the bigger puzzle. So basically there is not anybody to misuse it because there is no reason to misuse it. Everybody’s already got what they want.  The only other people that might misuse it are the people who have like… in our time it would be like people with a brain tumor who suddenly flip out and shoot a bunch of people. Or suddenly do something really evil because chemically there’s something screwed up. But we don’t have any of those either.

Medicine is not actual medicine anymore. It’s like scans and cellular fixes. There are no surgeries or anything.

It’s advanced beyond that?

Yeah. We don’t need pills or vitamins. There are just these scanning things. Just: “oh, the cells are irregular in that spot in your brain”. Doop! Scan, fixed. New cells generated. You’re fine.

It seems like they do have a hospital, but it’s only for people who go in space (if something happens to them in space), or for the odd accident if it would ever happen.

How do they prevent accidents?

Well, there just aren’t that many jobs that have dangerous aspects to them. Technology has just advanced to such a degree that there’s not really a lot of danger to anything anymore.

People aren’t fearful like we are now. If you fall and break your ankle and then you’re sitting in the ER for six hours, and then you have to get it manually set, and there are drugs you have to take first, but you have to stick yourself with a needle, which hurts. There’s all this pain and fear involved with getting hurt. But in that time period, there’s not really… I mean, you can still hurt yourself, but you get it fixed really quickly and it doesn’t hurt. There’s not long term healing. There’s not any of that anymore.

What’s the lifespan?

I don’t see any old people. I don’t think we have to age. I’m looking for old people. I guess there are some.

Do you also not have to die if you don’t have to age?

People are still dying, but it’s more like 200. It’s more like at 200 and it has more to do with – although the people in that time will say the lifespan is 200 because that’s all the body can do, that’s all the cellular regeneration you can do before the body dies – that’s not the truth.  The truth is, that when you go in, you just plan… Like everybody has sort-of agreed  (because there’s a sustaining of the Earth aspect to it). So the souls, the collective souls, have agreed – about 200, and then you just go. So they don’t really die of disease. The theory is that the cells – you can’t regenerate them more often then about to the year 200.

Do you have any relationships?

My connections are to the people that I work with. It’s a deep connection because you’re inside their head. I mean, you can’t get more intimate than you know everything. You can talk to each other in your mind. And it’s not just passing words, it’s passing emotions and whole chunks of memories you can share with other people. I’m not lonely at all. I never, ever once went “Gee, this is a bland, white, gross, horrible, sterile place. What am I doing here?” That thought never, ever crosses my mind. This place to that version of me is like Disney World. It is the best thing that I can think to ever do in that life. I cannot imagine anything more exciting than that.

I would go crazy in this life living in a white, sterile… blech.

So you want to go to the last day of your life and experience how your spirit leaves the body?

Well, I went out. And then I saw that my body was laying in the middle of the floor and I didn’t want… I wanted to be more efficient. Like I wanted to be disposed of in a more easy way, so I was trying to figure out where I should put… So I went back into the body and then I put myself somewhere so that whoever had to dispose of the body would have the easiest  possible job doing it.  I don’t know where that is, but… and then I went out again. So I went out, saw my body laying there, went back in, moved it, and then I left. It’s like I’m hovering above going “Okay, yes. That looks good. I’ll leave it like that.”

What lessons did you learn in this life?

I feel like I have to go somewhere else first to know that.

Okay. What is important for you to know about your present life?

That life was about living a very clear, very specific purpose. Very specific. Very clear. There were no doubts. There were no issues clouding it. Very drilled down, very laser focused. I’m asking “why is it important for me to see that?”

Something about they thought I would appreciate better the extremely wide variety of experiences in this current life. Based on that one future life where it was so narrow and so specific. So I have all of this variety in this life to enjoy. And not saying that I should appreciate it, but that I might enjoy just noticing that there are so many aspects to it. There are so many things that go into this experience. And this experience is all about – kinda like the opposite of that. I get to do whatever I want. I get to choose any kind of experience I want. And I can have it. I’m not limited at all. There’s not a specific path that I need to follow. I am just supposed to do everything I can think of that I want to do. Grow flowers, take a trip to Europe, visit castles, fall in love 100 times, paint, sail, fly, anything! Have children, go drink coffee. I can just go. I can do whatever I want. They’re telling me I’ve been feeling limited and they want to show me what limited is because I’m not limited right now. I’m not at all limited right now. That is very helpful, actually.

I want to ask one more question about this time. What about children? Do they come about the usual way, usual situations or is it different there?

Yeah, I think people still have children. But there is not any desire to have like eight children. If somebody wants to experience having children, they normally just will have one. And it doesn’t seem like very many people have that desire. But the people that want to experience children just go to place where children are. And there’s no skeeviness about it because there’s no “bad guys” really. There’s no fear around strangers interacting with children. So there are a lot of adults that look after your kid. If you want.

So there are no population issues?

Not really. This may be just something based on something I read lately about floating cities. I’m not sure if they’re floating in the atmosphere, or floating in the ocean, or both.  So there isn’t really a population issue, even though people live longer. They still go around 200, and people aren’t having as many kids as they used to.

End transcription.