Dear Ones,

We will say to you today that when you are in a state of panic or disarray, you feel you are not connected to the source of all things. You are connected. However, when you feel that frequency of frustration and rage and injustice in your physical being, you are not vibrating at a frequency in which you can receive those things you would rather feel and have instead.

This is why we are always advising you to get in the feeling space of what you prefer. You can do this in any way you wish. It does not have to be in meditation. It can be in any act or state of being in which you are in joy (or enjoy).

In this state, you are aligning with a frequency that matches that which you wish to feel and have. It is also the state in which two streams of frequency can align to create new understandings. You may know two things, but you may not realize how those two things relate to each other and fit together to form a  new understanding and expanded way of seeing your world.

And so, when you are frustrated, angry, and feel sorry for yourself and the state of the world, doing something you love to do is the surest way to release yourself and get back into the state of being you prefer. This in turn will draw more of the same to you. Even if you are in a job or relationship you “hate”, doing a little bit and a little bit more of that which you love will open up the path for more things and states of being you love.

This is how you upgrade your experience and that of your entire world. It begins with you.

And we thank you.