My very first past life regression was about 20 years ago. I had typed up and printed out a script from a book that my then step-mother read out loud.

french girl portraitI saw myself as a 5 year old girl with blond hair sitting in a room in the 1700’s waiting to be called by my parents who were negotiating my marriage. My family was very wealthy. I remember the details of my clothes and the room around me. I also remember being 15 in that life, sitting in a room waiting to meet my future husband. He was not impressed. The room was hot, I felt completely unattractive (though I wasn’t) and that corset made it hard to do anything but sit up straight and feel uncomfortable.

Years later I spontaneously recalled more from that life as I was walking alone, pondering a relationship I couldn’t figure out at the time. I then recalled my husband and I never got along and I ended up living in the countryside in northern France near the woods in a small house with a companion. There were three people from that life that I know in this life – including the person I was having relationship issues with.

What did I learn?

  • Some souls come with you to give support because they know you have to work through something that is not going to be particularly fun.
  • When you don’t work things out in one life, you agree to come back and try again. Acknowledgement and forgiveness are key.

 How did it help?

I figured out why a relationship was going so wrong and was able to forgive and let it go.