Short and sweet today. A very easy way to find answers to any problem you may have.


Dear Ones,

It is in the last look at something that the answer is often found. When you come up with a situation that needs adjustment, oftentimes you focus on the one problem until it consumes every thought, every moment. 

If instead, you took the time to make room in your mind for other things, you would find that the solutions flow in easily. There are creative answers to every situation, but you cannot see them if there is no room for a thought other than the problem itself.

And so, the next time you are debating or ruminating about something you wish to change, we suggest you create some mental space to allow for the solution to come in.  In this way, you are not fighting against anything. You are allowing answers to come to you.

We think you will enjoy this much more.

And we thank you.


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