Dear Ones,

We would like to tell you about the times in which you are heading. In order to do this, you will need to suspend your judgment a little.

When you look back from your future at the current time, you will see that you have come a long way in your ability to be open to another’s point of view without taking anything that is expressed by them as an insult to you or as a judgment against you. Currently, there are still many who do not understand that different perspectives are 100% inevitable. None of you has the same experience as any other. And so you cannot be expected to believe or even make an assumption about another’s perspective in that regard.

We tell you this because many of you there are approaching times in which you will be with family members and old friends who may hold old views about you. Views that no longer apply, but that they believe do. We would like to help you navigate these times by reminding you that an opinion of another is based only on their current perception – even if that perception is lacking in any recent input about who you really are.

In this way, you can separate yourself and how you feel from anything anyone says or believes about you. You can respond without reacting. You can maintain your inner peace. When you do this, that inner peace will be noticed by others. They may either be inspired by it or angered. But we would say, whatever feeling they choose has less to do with you than with them.

We tell you all of this so that you may have a joyous season of celebrations and gatherings that will raise the vibration of the planet. Yes, even those who are angry will purge that anger and raise their vibration. All is well.

We wish you a season of peace and a feeling of non-judgment and self-worth. You all deserve nothing less. You are the light, as are we, and we are always with you and in support of you.

And we thank you.

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