Dear Ones,

In the midst of a cycle of time, you may find yourselves acting against what you believe to be of benefit to you. We will tell you how to discern between “fate”, as you call it, and ego.

When you call something fate, what you really mean is an intention you set for yourself for this life. Something you wished to accomplish or experience, or some aid you wished to render. This can be felt in the deepest meditation, in psychedelic experiences of the purest order, and through synchronicities.

What you call ego on the other hand is learned. It is the patterns you develop while attempting to thrive there. It is what turns you in different directions. The only way to correct your path is to learn your true inner voice and guidance.

You will know the guidance of your higher self from ego because your higher self will not tempt you with benefits. Ego strives to please or escape. The higher self seeks only experiences.

And so, when you wish to discern between what you truly wished to see, do or be in this life, you must cultivate your connection to self. And you must learn to identify your egoic thoughts.

We hope this is of benefit to you.

And we thank you.

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