Want to know how to easily increase your intuition and integrate more of your higher self? The Arcturians give us a great tip!


Dear Ones,

We would say to you today that no matter what you feel you have been through (or are currently going through) it is nothing compared to the joy you will feel when you achieve the goal or goals you came here to achieve.

We know that as a human there on Earth it is frustrating not to be able to know all that your higher self knows easily. And although there are methods for strengthening this ability to know, we also see that your lives there are quite complex. You may have difficulty integrating the practices to expand your knowing with the everyday lives you lead there.

One way you can expand your knowing easily is to set the intention before you go to sleep. It is so very easy to do and it does make a very large difference. Especially if you do this every night of your lives. An example would be to say to yourself “I allow the expansion of my higher self awareness”.

You will see a tremendous change in your ability to use your intuition to guide your actions and deliver to you the lives you truly wish to live.

And so, we recommend you try this little “tip” tonight and every night of your future. Somewhere “down the line”, you will be able to communicate to us how it is going.

We think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.

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