One of the most emotional and revealing regressions I’ve ever had came from listening to a guided past life regression recording.

I went back to the mid 1800’s in England. Again, I was a young lady – brown hair, blue eyes, and again pretty well off financially. I had an elderly father, an older brother and a younger brother who died as a child.

1850shouseThe recording said to go to the happiest time in that life. I saw myself standing under a tree talking with my brother’s best friend. They went to school together and John (what we called him although his name was actually the same as my brother’s: Charles) would stay with us before or after traveling to school with Charles.

I had such a deep admiration and unconditional love for John, but never thought anything would come of it until that day under the tree.

That day he had come by to tell me (not my brother or parents) that he was moving to our “neighborhood”.

bluedressHe was done with school and his travels. I felt such hope and such love it is hard to explain. I thought we would be married. He was looking at me differently now – not as Charles’ little sister any more.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. The recording then said to visit a sad time.

I saw myself in a sparsely wooded area. There were men standing around what I first thought was a log on the ground. Upon closer inspection I realized it was John. He had been shot in some sort of hunting accident and had died. I can’t tell you the despair I felt. The loss of hope, love, the promise of a life with my own home and family. I was crying so hard I gave myself a headache (in real life).

I saw myself at his graveside service dressed in black. I was just empty inside. I felt like the rest of my life wouldn’t matter – there was nothing left for me and I would live with that horrible emptiness forever.

I must have managed it somehow though, because I saw my death about 15 years later at age 35. Walking down a hall in my house I felt a terrible pain in my head and collapsed. An aneurism I think. I wasted away in my bed not long after.

What did I learn?

I learned where my strong impulse to visit England came from. I learned why I had not been terribly interested in American men and why I had dated several Englishmen in spite of the distance. I think this also relates to my interest in history and archeology – especially in England. I realized why I felt like I was searching for someone in England – and why I couldn’t find him. He wasn’t there anymore.

How did it help?

After this regression I completely lost my interest in England for about a year. I was able to focus on my new family and this life more fully.