Dude, That’s Your Mom!

A short answer to why we don’t remember our past lives is because each life is like a play we set up specifically to experience a certain thing. Or a series of certain things. Or a tapestry of things woven together. But let’s look at another specific example of why we don’t remember our past lives.

Soul Families

past life murder victimAccording to several experienced past life regressionists (and also me), we all have a core group of soul “family” members that agree to go with us to different lives and play different parts. For example, a very good friend could have been your murderer in a past life or your brother could have been your murdered sister. That’s not fun stuff to remember. When you remember stuff like that, it’s hard to process. It takes a few days (or longer) to come to terms with it and integrate it into your current personality. Can you  imagine if you had hundreds or thousands of lifetime personalities to integrate, and you recognized all of your close family and friends as everything they had ever been?

Oedipus Has Nothing On You

ancient Egypt past lifeOkay, so… what if you were born knowing that you were married to your mother in your last incarnation? How does that sit with you? Probably no big deal when you’re a toddler, right? But what happens when you’re like… oh, I donno… 18? It sounds creepy to me. I’m sure it happens all the time, but I’d just rather not remember those lifetimes thankyouverymuch. Our culture is not set up to be cool with that. This isn’t ancient Egypt, ya know.

But it doesn’t even have to have that high of an ick factor to be complicated. What if your wife’s new boss was your lover in a past life that you cheated on your present wife with? Do you think “Oh good! Do over!” or do you dwell on that particular life and screw it up again? If we are going to remember our past lives, we need to remember what we meant to do in them and whether we succeeded or not. Furthermore, we need to know what we had planned for our current life so we don’t let the past influence the present. Can we fit all of that in our brains? I can’t even remember to take my list with me when I go shopping.

The Big Test

According to Dolores Cannon, each life is like a test. If we had the answers, then what would be the point of the life? I believe we set our lives up and set up agreements with our soul family and others to help us learn whatever it is we want to learn or experience. If that’s the case, we can’t be remembering all 8,000 lives we’ve already done. That’s confusing as heck and it’s cheating!

It’s perfectly acceptable to have a past life regression to help you process out a fear from a past life, or get some guidance about this life. But coming into a life with all of that baggage is just too much. We wouldn’t be able to focus on our simple plan for this time around.

So be glad you can’t remember some of those lifetimes with your family and friends and enjoy the one you’ve got now as best you can. There is probably a whole lot more going on in the background than you can possibly imagine.