Are you already channeling your higher self? How can you tell whether you’re just thinking about something vs. receiving divine inspiration?

Dear Ones,

We can see that when you open yourself up to allowing your higher self to come through, you believe this information is coming from yourself. We know that, as a human there, you perceive events and happenings through your mental processes. And so it stands to reason that you believe everything comes through the same mental processes. But we will tell you that your highest aspects come through in a way that is different.

When you are “retrieving” information from your past experiences and memories, your brain processes those memories and allows you to make decisions. When your highest aspects come through, that information is processed differently. We would like you to pay attention to the way in which your mental processes happen.

You can tell when you are remembering a memory. And you can tell when you are making something up using your incredible imagination. Those are two ways in which you process thoughts. There is a third way that is allowing. Using this allowing your highest aspects can send you messages that you most need and have asked for.

And so, for the next week practice analyzing how your thought processes are happening. Are you processing based on experience, using your imagination, or receiving guidance or “divine inspiration”?

We know you will discover that you are receiving higher self inspiration much more often than you realized. And we think you will enjoy knowing this.

As always we are here in service to you.

And we thank you.