Dear Ones,

We would speak to you this week about the accomplishments you have achieved recently.

Now, we know many of you are very hard on yourselves. You think your circumstances prevent you from becoming all you are meant to be. But we will tell you that there are simple ways in which you can control your entire life.

First, of course, is mastering your thoughts. By this, we mean being aware when egoic thoughts come up and then correcting them. When you do this, you create new neural pathways that will become normal pathways after a time.

Next, you will simply realize that you are embodying more of your higher self. At this time the conditions there are available for you to do this. We know that you will again doubt that this is possible. However, you can test this by simply clearing your mind and doing an activity in which you are open to receiving new thought streams or ideas. You often do this in the shower, on long drives, on walks in nature, and in the brain state just before sleep and upon waking. This is becoming available to you at all times now.

Finally, we will add that this moment is perfect for designing the life you wish to see unfold around you. We understand there are many distractions. However, we would say it would be highly beneficial for you to take some time and write the story of how you most wish your life to unfold.

When you do these things, you are setting a course, so to speak, for the next decade at least. We think you would enjoy creating the life you want by planning it right now.

We look forward to seeing your enjoyment of this.

As always we are here in service to you.
And we thank you.

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This moment is perfect for designing the life you wish to see unfold around you.