I wrote before about ascension and The Event and what I had heard about it a while back. Right at the moment people are going nuts posting about it and saying it’s going to happen any minute now. I confess to being a little bit obsessed and interested in seeing what happens next for humanity. All good things!

Here are some videos that have been posted lately that have gotten people pretty excited (mostly from hypnosis sessions and channelings). Check them out if you want to see why people are buzzing about this topic right now. At the bottom is my channeling from yesterday about this “wave of love” that people are also talking about. 




Channeling Session – March 12, 2018

What can you tell us about this wave of love that is supposed to come and engulf the Earth and transform everyone drastically for the better?

Many of you have already felt this to some extent, and you get glimpses of it from time to time. Yes, it is there. It is available for you now, at any moment. As the excitement builds, so does the feeling inside of you – inside of each of you. It is as if it is hovering just outside of your conscious reach. And all it needs is the collective to agree enough that it is ready for this change and it will be so.

Energetically it is seen as a light. However, this is not something everyone can see physically. And so we would say pay attention to your feelings no matter what you’re doing. Pay attention when you feel that unconditional love – that wave of gratitude that engulfs you – even for the briefest moments. And work to expand that no matter what day, no matter what event is predicted, no matter what you are doing. If you are sitting at work, typing a document, if you are on a phone call and you feel that little spark, focus and expand it. And the more of you that focus and expand that feeling of unconditional love the more your world changes in spite of any predicted event.

Are we waiting for a tipping point? When does this light actually descend into our beings? What has to happen for that to be a reality for all of us?

When enough of you accept this feeling and this wish for this event, then it descends into all.

What’s enough? How many is enough of us?

It is not as many as you would think. We see it available now. It could be at any moment. Relax into it. Letting go and releasing any fear increases the amount that comes into each person. There isn’t anything to fear. Releasing fear is key.  Each will be given answers to their questions in a way that helps release any anxiety or fear surrounding this event so that it can be allowed to permeate. There is so much available right at this moment. You only need to sit and focus within (or stand). If you do not – if you are not able to all – all of you – allow this in (it is sitting at the surface) that is when the solar event will be brought forward. It’s a push. It’s a little nudge to help you all.

You are all allowing this. This is not something being done for you. This is something being done by you. You requested this. You made it happen. You are allowing. And what many do not understand is what you allow raises us all. Everywhere. Because we are all connected. In your experience you cannot – you have not – until now had the experience of oneness. You see yourselves as separate beings. You are not. You are all connected. But in this experience you have not had the ability to feel that connection. But from our perspective, we feel the connection of all. And so this beautiful event as you call it will not only be a mind-blowing experience for you, it affects us. What you feel affects us as well. And all everywhere. And we are feeling it already in this moment.

Is this sun event something that could happen in two days or next week or the next week or what?

You call it forth, so if you want it now, call it now. Waiting is not necessary. It is ready. You are ready. Even those who don’t realize it have “done the work” so you say. And everyone is ready. And we are ready. Release fear and allow.





Cover photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash