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We can tell you that when your focus has shifted onto self, you will be processing a lot of information about the self. This is not a bad thing, but we understand it is not comfortable. We have barely a reference anymore to this way of being.

How do I separate from the ego and become an observer?

When you focus on the future, you are creating a path for that future. When you are focusing on the past you are reliving that, and you are cementing in the neural pathways and energetic pathways that do not allow you to easily create new ones. When you become aware that the past does not matter – and in fact can hinder your ability to create – you will perhaps stop revisiting it. 

Now when you focus in the present on others and their beliefs, you are in effect also visiting the past because a connection is made in your subconscious to similar feelings in the past. If you could connect to feelings in the future just as readily, pleasant ones, you could just as easily construct your pathways to create in that way – in a forward way – instead of backward. And in effect, you are creating a new now. And then the new now happens in every new now moment.

How do I not care about others? How do I interact with them and not reflect on experiences in order to have a conversation?

You do it based on who you want to be in the future and how you want the world to be in the future.

Won’t I come off sounding insane? Will anyone be able to even relate to me?

Was anyone able to relate to Jesus or Buddah or Krishna or Ra?

Got it.

So do I just imagine how I want the world to be and answer from the perspective that I live there now?


Give me an example.

You are already doing it. You answer as us. 

How do I stay in a perpetual state of connection then in order to do this in life?

Ask yourself in every minute, how does this look in my new world? What would I do if it was now. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

You will notice a difference.

What happens when it works and I freak out and think I’m making up my entire reality and nobody is real? It shuts down then.

It is all real, it is just a different form of real – a shift to a parallel road. And one where you do not need to learn any lessons that your current road has for you. You want happiness and ease. Keep resetting to that road. Bring your awareness back to that road. If you act as if you are on an “easy road” then it becomes smoother and easier. Ignore the bumps. They will smooth out. It can be instantaneous or it can take months or years. It is your focus that determines how you notice. And yes, we did recommend you “Reset” three times a day. [meditate] “This is the way”. You will bring yourself back into focus for that which you most want. And no one else or anything they do, or do not do, will matter.

So I just need to decide what I want it to look like?

Yes, and practice bringing yourself back to that world.

How do I shut my ego up? It always wants to “get something” out of anything I do. I think of something nice and it pipes in and says “and you can profit from it in this way”. I’m tired of that.

Your ego needs reassurance. It needs reinforcement in order to prosper in it’s own way. It will quiet down in time and with practice of what we have discussed.

Do I need a mantra or something to remind me?

Set a scene like you do for books.  Have an opening scene to come back to. Vision boards [digital] with pictures might also contribute. It will be a fun exercise and set a beneficial energetic pattern.

I think I understand.  Anything else that might help me with this?

Do your best, not your worst. We mean, giving up on a goal like this is to go back to the past. The past is known and in that way comfortable for your ego self. Do not let it derail you. Give it a hug and tell it to rest like you would a worried toddler. It is “controlling” you right now, so to speak. Keep it calm. It will be fine.

What if I get negative feedback when I am trying this?

It is trial and error. Journal and make notes of what worked and what didn’t.

There’s my ego again saying we can use the notes as a system to sell to others about how to do it.

Self-invested to the very last isn’t it?

🙂  It’s like my guardian and protector I guess – trying to take care of me.

Exactly. You can show it that you can create something even better and not have to worry about needing a protector. The ego can come to the understanding that it will never NEED to be protective again. It can relax. And then you will feel yourself relaxing.

“Relax” is a good mantra when spoken to your ego. “I don’t need protecting because I will always create exactly what I want” is another. “Trust me” is also beneficial.

We know you will do well with this as long as you keep it “in front of you” so to speak.

Enjoy your new day.

Thank you.  🙂